Surely every animal lover at least once in life thought about what it was like to keep house an octopus or a raccoon.

In the countries of the former Soviet Union used to have dogs, cats, fish, rodents and some birds. Therefore it is necessary to consider what Pets live in families, living in different countries, writes the Chronicle with reference on fresher .

Many people in India prefer Mangusta. These animals quickly become attached to masters, obey them, and show the behavior of the educated pet.

To keep this country home of skunk – very fashionable. The animal is affectionate, obedient and beautiful. Skunks are attacking the enemy’s offensive weapons, but their breeders claim that in captivity animals don’t use it.

Exotic-looking anteaters can often be found in the homes of Americans.

Funny animal quickly gets used to his nickname and instantly responds to it. Living at home, the anteaters eat termites and ants –Pets eat fresh vegetables and fruits.

Cricket is the favorite insect of the Chinese. Since the XII century in China were popular competitions crickets – won insect, whose singing was the most loud and ringing. Now such competitions are not held, but everyone can for 25 cents to buy a cricket cage and its contents.

The Chinese also love songbirds. In the morning in the parks settlements of China can people walking their feathered Pets. Continue reading

Feeding the puppy boxer

Initially puppy, it is desirable to feed what he was eating at the breeder. Once the puppy is quite adaptable in a new home, you can gradually translate it to the diet the most appropriate for the new owner. Some owners feed mostly proprietary, specialized feed, other, more conservative, prefer to prepare food themselves. In practice, both options are quite reasonable.

When feeding dry food, be aware that some dogs are more suited for one feed and the other other, i.e. if a dog on any food allergies or diarrhea or just this product she doesn’t like, it must be replaced by another brand of food. Buying dry food, always check its shelf life specified on the packaging. For baccarat best suited feed with a sufficiently high protein content (27%), because protein is the primary building material for the formation of lean muscle mass. Adult dogs feed a high protein feed is impractical, unless they suffer from thinness, not too much physical work and not be kept outside in the cold period. It should be remembered that the amount of food for each dog individually, and therefore the dosage indicated on the packages of dry food, only correct on average.

When kormleniye with natural feeds, we must remember that at least half of the diet should be protein foods – meat, fish, cheese, eggs.

The meat should be lean, better beef, but not necessarily tenderloin: wolves from eating their prey first, eat the groin and insides (except the intestines), and then everything else. Boxerjam, and adult boxers, because of the peculiar bite to break off a big piece of meat on a small uncomfortable, so better to cut it into small pieces. When feeding a puppy’s internal organs, especially the liver , you have to be sure that there are no worms. In addition, the liver contains a lot of vitamins A and D, and their excess in the body is also harmful, as a drawback. Continue reading

About Pets

You are a dog owner? Or a staunch “ailurophile”? The soul is not prepared in rabbits, hamsters, birds and fishes? Then the portal animal created especially for you. In the centre of our attention — Pets, as well as everything connected with their maintenance and upbringing.

What place Pets have in our lives? If you think about it, just huge. Most animal lovers know that the appearance of the house kitten or puppy completely changes the habitual way of life of masters and health care, training and education of the pet form the conditions in which it becomes a full member of the family. Sometimes a pet is turning into a small home center of the universe, and around it with joy and gusto rotate the rest of the household.

Thus, despite the difficulties and shortage of time, many of us can not imagine my life without Pets. This is not surprising, it is well known that Pets are the best cure for boredom and depression. In addition, the appearance of a pet in the house is a good reason to begin to lead an active lifestyle, get rid of emotional and physical problems, to acquire courage and endurance. In short, Pets can change our lives!

Think about what raising a pet, we, first of all, educate yourself. We gain a special experience that is pomogaete become wiser, more caring, more attentive and more tolerant. University of California researchers believe that no pet is not able to develop a person’s negative qualities, but all animals help us to acquire new positive traits. Continue reading