Homemade reptile peaceful disposition

Until recently considered exotic, homemade turtles today are perceived as something ordinary. Their huge variety allows you to choose the most suitable option in terms of maintenance and care. Contrary to popular belief, the power of these reptiles are capable of experiencing emotions, to become attached to the host and to show ingenuity.

For keeping the apartment perfectly suitable for ordinary swamp, water slider turtle or the Central Asian land. For other varieties require special conditions to ensure it will be highly problematic and costly.

Bog turtle must be kept in an aquarium with water. Moreover, no neighborhood in the form of fish is not allowed because this reptile belongs to the category of predators and will eat just those foolish owner will offer her companions.

To feed the marsh turtle should animal food: flour worms, raw chicken or fish. Sometimes you can give boiled egg, cottage cheese and greens. The water should be warm, not below 25ºc and around the clock illuminated by the lamp. Wash the aquarium, which contains a reptile should, at least once a month.

The same applies for red-turtle, but it’s mandatory in the aquarium is required to provide a plot of ground, protruding above the surface of water as it can breathe air. It refers to rekordsmenom Pets life expectancy, the duration of which is 40 years with proper care. Continue reading

Top 10 dangerous for the health of houseplants

You will hardly find at least one dwelling, where there are no houseplants. They decorate the house, fill them with comfort and, as many believe, the air is cleaned from toxic substances…

You will hardly find at least one dwelling, where there are no houseplants. They decorate the house, fill them with comfort and, as many believe, the air is cleaned from toxic substances, electromagnetic radiation and harmful bacteria. However, researchers found that some species of ornamental plants can cause significant harm to human health and Pets.

Dangerous houseplants

To the choice of houseplants must be approached very responsibly, especially if you have small children. In nature, there are very a lot dangerous to the health of house plants, but in tests the doctors have identified 10 of the plants from which you wish to remove in the first place:

Teschin language. Although it is perfectly cope with the task of cleaning up the air, but it still stands to be shunned. This plant can be cause of nausea, excessive salivation and sore throat.

Aloe Vera. Well-known beneficial properties of aloe, but you should remember one very important rule – it should not be used inside. This will lead to irritation of the intestine. And if for man it is not very dangerous to animals such experiments can end badly.

Spathiphyllum. Causes of allergicreaction. Once in the human body, leading to swelling of the mouth, tongue, lips. In more severe cases can cause death. Continue reading

Pet: what is the benefit to the child?

Although the death of a pet can be very heartbreaking event for children, even in this case, the child gets a valuable lesson of life, and you can psychologically prepare him for the losses that await him in the future. There is no person on earth who has not lost something or someone. Therefore, let it not be considered a reason why you refuse a child dealing with pet.

Many of my warmest childhood memories associated with my own Pets – I loved them, trusted them, did homework with them, included communication with them in all aspects of their lives, including holidays, such as birthdays, New year and Christmas. I remember well the day each of my beloved Pets died, and every time I was heartbroken and cried for several days. I made a separate photo Album for each of my Pets and he watched, remembering those good times.

Looking back, I realize how these events taught me of life and love, and helped me to explore relationships that arise between the child and his pet. So, Pets are valuable teachers throughout their lives, and this includes even the sad side of life and death.

Besides communication, there are many benefits for a child living with animals. And as a parent,I witness on a daily basis of their own experience, about the joy my Pets bring to my daughter – her face lights up when her pet enters the room, and she celebrates even small interactions with him.

So, if you are considering the purchase or “adoption” of a pet, you can be helpful are some tips about the wonderful benefits that your kids will get from their relationship with animals. Continue reading

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