How to choose a pet for the kid?

Pets for children can become real friends, if parents with the birth of a child is to teach him with respect and attention to Pets. Communicating with animals will bring a lot of happy moments not only for baby but also you. In addition, many pussies is able to relieve stress and lift the spirits of their owners.

How to choose a pet for the kid?

Before you have a pet, you need to carefully weigh the pros and cons of its location in your home, or instead of the positive moments of communication with the animal you’ll only get a headache. Before you choose a pet for a child, carefully analyze the situation:

first make sure there is mutual desire of all members of the family to have a pet. If someone in household is categorically against a new tenant, the presence of an animal in the house will not bring much joy;

secondly, select the kind of pet. Animals of different breeds require special care, special diets and special conditions of accommodation, so consider your possibilities, not only physical but also financial;

thirdly, decide on the age of the pet, small animals, of course, very cute and will immediately attract the attention of the baby, but adults will sobirayut much less care and from the first minutes of being in the house will be helpful to host a small; Continue reading

Cat breeds

What breeds are white cats are there? What interesting or scientific facts about such belosnegka?

Most often the Turkish Angora breed has a white coat of fur. Long, fluffy, white. And eyes,eyes! Copper, amber, blue (by the way, the deafness in pure white cat with blue eyes genetically). The beauty is indescribable. But the care of the coat requires a lot of time and patience. If there is a lot of free time, then this breed is better not to have. Otherwise the white coat will be solid mats.

If we are to continue the theme of cats from Turkey, the van rocks too like snowflakes.

Persian breed. These beauties also come in melasniemi, although not as often.

Oriental cat breed is also white.

A variety of breeds of cats can boast belozernyi representatives. And this is due to the fact that disturbed pigmentation. Simply put, the cat is albino. Though the phenomenon is rare, but such seals are registered.

The…breed of cats

Now we will tell about the most – most…breeds of cats . The most fluffy, the largest. Continue reading

Weapons of war – dog Breeds

So you’ve decided to buy a dog. This is a responsible and extremely serious step, doing that, you need to be clear about why you need one. A dog is man’s best friend. This is a devotional and spiritual animal that will love and protect you and your family. This is the creature that will be with you very long period of time. However, it is not so easy as it seems at first.

Dogs, like people have all sorts of qualities, and they can just “not be suitable” for you. When choosing a dog, of course, the primary role of the breed of dogs. Of course, that for a small Studio apartment barely fit a big dog, what besides, need to be well fed.

Making a final choice of breed, try to consider all the pros and cons. The excellent option would be to consult before buying with your veterinarian, who will talk about all the nuances of your favorite breed. Diverse diseases, food, lifestyle and lots more, this too is a breed of dog. In this case, the reference point on the Photo dog breed, cannot be the main.

The important point in evaluating dogs is its coat. So, for example, “naked” dogs (stafforshire Terriers, boxers, Dobermans, etc.) do not tolerate cold weather. Because these dogs need to temper and use other methods of protection from the cold. Long-haired dogs (poodles, cockerspaniels,Schnauzers) require additional care for six. Every two months (and in summer more often) they need to be cut. Needless to mention that if you have an Allergy to wool and infants caring for this dog will bring some inconvenience. There, another group of dogs, is dogs that do not shed. The Airedale and the standard Schnauzers need to trim (remove old coat) twice a year, but you can invite a professional. Continue reading