The choice of a pet

So you’ve decided to have a pet. Who do you opt? First you need to decide what you want from your future pet. If you want to impress your friends and acquaintances, it’s possible to get an exotic pet. But it must be remembered that this is a very big responsibility. If you want to be greeted after work or warms its warmth in wet weather, you can opt for a more traditional edge to our species — a cat, dog or bird. But it is also not less responsible. Any animal requires care, care and attention, and sometimes a lot of attention.

Exotic Pets

The first thing you should pay attention is the conditions of your future pet. Look at your home — where will be your new friend? Whether he would be there light, warm, not hot? Most exotic animals require special care. So before buying you need to find out:

In what conditions the animal lives in nature (temperature, humidity, illumination)?

What you need your pet to recreate the natural habitat conditions (may be it is a palm branch, and maybe just clean water)?

What is your favorite and where you can buy this food (food)?

Vnimatelnost examine and think about — whether to create these conditions for your future friend or how much it will cost? Whether you buy your pet fresh worms $10 for the thing? Continue reading

Pets for children. Rodents.

Many parents have this kind of animal causes, to put it mildly, disgusted. But the kids just love hamsters, Guinea pigs, gray mice, and even rats. If no dog, no cat, no parrot, not even the fish you don’t want to have – agree, at least, a Guinea pig. It will be a true friend of your baby and will not require you too much time. For normal living Guinea pig will need only a small cage, feeder and drinker. Of course, it doesn’t give up other amenities, such as the beautiful house in which to sleep, and hide from danger. But in fact Guinea pigs love to move freely throughout the room. Keep in mind this point. Feeding rodents is not difficult. Even a small child will cope with this task. Guinea pigs love greens, fresh vegetables and fruits.

Kids get very attached to these animals. With them is always fun to play, because Guinea pigs are very friendly and require a lot of attention, otherwise they are just boring.

Play with a Guinea pig for the baby is absolutely safe. They do not bite and do not scratch, as very patient.

For your child you can also have a turtle, rabbit, pig, iguana or chameleon. The animal you choose – the rules remain timize. Take note of all the nuances associated with one or another pet. Consult with a psychologist – it will help to choose the animal that corresponds to the nature of the child. Consult your pediatrician – he will define degree of risk of various diseases that can cause Pets. And most importantly – keep in mind your baby’s desire and the degree of their readiness to acquire additional “child”.

Taking your family in another member – be prepared for the fact that your lifestyle will change. Strengthen security measures, not to have to look for an animal shelter outside your home:

– Do not leave children alone with Pets. Some of them definitely can be affected. Continue reading

Weapons of war – dog Breeds

So you’ve decided to buy a dog. This is a responsible and extremely serious step, doing that, you need to be clear about why you need one. A dog is man’s best friend. This is a devotional and spiritual animal that will love and protect you and your family. This is the creature that will be with you very long period of time. However, it is not so easy as it seems at first.

Dogs, like people have all sorts of qualities, and they can just “not be suitable” for you. When choosing a dog, of course, the primary role of the breed of dogs. Of course, that for a small Studio apartment barely fit a big dog, what besides, need to be well fed.

Making a final choice of breed, try to consider all the pros and cons. The excellent option would be to consult before buying with your veterinarian, who will talk about all the nuances of your favorite breed. Diverse diseases, food, lifestyle and lots more, this too is a breed of dog. In this case, the reference point on the Photo dog breed, cannot be the main.

The important point in evaluating dogs is its coat. So, for example, “naked” dogs (stafforshire Terriers, boxers, Dobermans, etc.) do not tolerate cold weather. Because these dogs need to temper and use other methods of protection from the cold. Long-haired dogs (poodles, cockerspaniels,Schnauzers) require additional care for six. Every two months (and in summer more often) they need to be cut. Needless to mention that if you have an Allergy to wool and infants caring for this dog will bring some inconvenience. There, another group of dogs, is dogs that do not shed. The Airedale and the standard Schnauzers need to trim (remove old coat) twice a year, but you can invite a professional. Continue reading