Most of the most cats - the smallest, large, large, rare, intelligent, affectionate, thick, long cat breeds in the world
Although each cat is unique, in the world yet there are animals that can rightly be called the most-most. It's cats that differ in size, weight, breed characteristics and color,…

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Tips for those who decided to have a pet
Pets in the house - always a joy, but to the entire family enjoyed his company and enjoyed the animal life in the family, you need to carefully examine their…

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Veterinary clinic. Exotic animals

Our veterinarians have extensive experience treating exotic animals, who often refuse to help the veterinary clinic of the city. The clinic carries out professional treatment of various types of domestic and wild animals: rodents, lagomorphs, hedgehogs, birds, reptiles, canids, felids, viverrids, bats, primates.

You can also get advice on feeding and keeping, the breeding of domestic and exotic animals at home.

Unique specialists.

In our clinic a team of true professionals with different areas of specialization: herpetologist, ornithologist, ratolog.

Veterinary doctors of the veterinary clinic of the Leningrad Zoo are constantly improving their skills and study modern methods of treatment of exotic and domestic animals. The experience acquired by the veterinary doctors for many years in the Leningrad Zoo is not available to many professionals in our area.

Our specialists regularly participate in international veterinary conferences and as speakers and as listeners by sharing experiences with professionals of world class.

Section “Ekzoticheskie animals” at the International scientific – practical conference “Baltic forum of veterinary medicine” for several years coeruleipennis doctors of the veterinary clinic of the Leningrad Zoo. The veterinary clinic partners with global companies producing high quality feed for animals .

Veterinary clinic of the Leningrad Zoo offers a full range of laboratory diagnostics, ultrasonic diagnostics, x-ray diagnostics, vaccination with the state registration, therapy, veterinary dental care, surgery for all types of animals, including rodents and birds.