Tips for those who decided to have a pet

Pets in the house – always a joy, but to the entire family enjoyed his company and enjoyed the animal life in the family, you need to carefully examine their own desires, opportunities, and obvious facts. Read, analyze, and decide.

The choice of a pet

To choose a pet is not as easy as it seems. Small puppies and fluffy kittens are so cute that I want to immediately take them home. But you need to choose only one. Remember that a pet is not a toy, not a fashion accessory, but a real member of the family. Consider whether you have the time to care for a pet, educate him, to treat and to train. Dog or cat you buy will likely be with you for the next 15 or even 20 years.

Favourite pet

Ask pet owners why they chose this puppy and kitten. In most cases the answer will be the same: “he is so cute and funny!”. However, experts say that you should not base your choice solely on external data pet. Much more important to understand whether the animal your lifestyle. For example, you should not have a Labrador, if you lead a sedentary lifestyle and do not like to run and spend a lot of time on the street. If you have small children. try to understand whether the animal gets along with kids, how Spokoiny dog or cat character.

Read about the best breeds of cats and dogs for the whole family.

Test pet

If you have never had Pets, you probably can not even imagine what it’s like to be the owner of a cat or dog. Before you make a final decision about buying a pet, try to do a little checking yourself “strength”. Ask someone you know dog owners to give you the opportunity to take care animals at least one day. After this “rehearsal” will be much easier to make the right decision to have a pet.

Breed of pet

There is an opinion that it is best to buy a purebred. Some buyers insist on having a purebred dog or cat had a good pedigree. But do not forget that and the usual domestic cat can be a true friend for you and your children. No one will love you more than a small puppy or kitten that you picked up on the street and warmed their warmth and participation.

Unusual Pets

Recently appeared a new trend to have an unusual pet. The stars of show business are coming out with tiny dogs and even pet rabbits. The animal in such cases often plays the role of a stylish accessory that attracts attention. According to some people, unusual animals emphasize the uniqueness and status of its owner. Nevertheless, do not forget that you’re holding a living creature that may experience fear or discomfort. Always try to create a pet with the most comfortable conditions.

In addition to cats and dogs

Cats and dogs the most popular Pets, but do not forget that there are other equally cute and friendly creatures. For example, rabbits, parrots, turtles, fish, hamsters, Guinea pigs and even iguanas.

Animal shelters

In some people, the animal shelter, and, in particular, the term “stray animal”, causing anxiety and concerns about animal behaviour. Many people think that animals in shelters have something wrong. Just for the reason that they were not needed. But this is not always the case, sometimes the animal just got lost or strayed from home and therefore became a “stray”.

Actually, the shelters are a great place to purchase safe and healthy animals, since the primary purpose of shelters is to care, recuperation and recreation for Pets. Animals can come to the shelter sick or with problems, but they are put in order and in some cases sterilized. The mission of most shelters is to alleviate the suffering of animals and to prevent cruelty.

How to choose a pet at the pet store

Breeding species have been doing for hundreds of years. There are over 150 officially recognized dog breeds. Such intensive breeding can cause genetic problems such as inbreeding is inevitable.

From sibling mating, many problems arise: negative traits (aggressiveness), congenital physical disabilities and weak immune system.

All breeders know about the possible consequences of inbreeding, but the most important take special precautions to protect their dogs against genetic defects.

When you purchase an animal at a pet store, you have no way of knowing about the future health of your pet, because you don’t know the breeder. In addition, for profit, pet shops buy animals from so-called “puppy farms” who focus on numbers and not on health and welfare of its animals.

Concern about the health of a pet

Do you take a pet from a shelter or buy from a breeder, spaying/neutering, vaccinations and other medical procedures is absolutely necessary before you take the animal home.

To pay or receive for free?

Breeders often sell their pedigreed Pets at fantastic prices. By purchasing such an animal, you get information about his pedigree, and detailed description of the nature and habits of the pet. However, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can get the animal for free. One only has to search the Internet for relevant ads. Most owners will be happy to give newborn puppies or kittens in good hands.