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Most expensive cat breed

Perhaps, cats are the most usual companions of people in the modern world. Them with equal success can be found in the city’s avenues and on quiet country lanes. Cats walk by themselves and on rooftops and in doorways and basements and backyards on the benches and in parks and even in the woods near settlements.

For wanting to have a kitten there is nothing easier, just to look around. Almost certainly to meet the ad “selling a kitten for a nominal fee or give a kitten in good hands”, not to mention the many homeless kittens, which you can find in almost any large yard.

However, among these familiar Pets, there are those who will not meet just on the street. This cat is a rare and expensive breeds. The cost of these cats can reach several tens of thousands of dollars and depend on the rarity of the breed and purity of pedigree.

The first category expensive cat breeds include individuals with a good pedigree. Among these individuals are quite famous and popular cat breeds like Persian, Himalayan, Russian Blue and British Shorthair. “Normal” kittens of these breeds (without a pedigree) it is possible to buy almost nothing, but cotcot purebred parents already sell for an impressive 5-6 thousand dollars.

The second category of expensive cats are often referred rare in Russia and is therefore considered an “exotic” breed. This is such breeds as tailless Menksy, American Curls (with curled back ears), a huge Maine Coon (growing more than a meter in length), Scottish fold (with the unusual shape of the ears and squeaks instead of meowing). The cost of the kittens of these breeds even without a pedigree usually starts from $ 500, and the cost of alimony kittens can fly “up to heaven”.

The following categories of expensive breeds of cats can be attributed to unusual or even “weird” breeds of these animals. For example, Laperm curly (wool which is hypoallergenic), Sphinxes, curly Shorthair Devon Rex (looks very similar to the Sphinx). The best-known breeds of Sphinxes to date – Canadian and bred in Russia is the don Sphynx. Sphinxes are different from other cats that have no fur and need special care for delicate skin. The kittens of these breeds can be purchased at the price from 500 dollars and above, depending on the purity of the lineage and “exterior” of kittens.

A separate category of expensive breeds of cats are very rare in Russia and little known breed, the price of kittens which not rarely depends on the imagination of the seller. These breeds include Cause (which was derived by crossing a wild African marsh lynx and an Abyssinian domestic cat in the late 1960s), White Kao-Mani from Thailand (who lived at the Royal court back in the 13th century), which attracts attention with its unusual color of the Safari breed (bred by the crossing of a wild South American Geoffroy with the “home” cat in the early 1970s), tiger (big cat, very similar to the tiger, and officially registered as a breed only in 2007), Serengetti (bred in California in 1994 on the basis of the Bengal and the Oriental breeds, and received its name in honor of the reserve, located in Tanzania), Elf (bred in 2006 in the USA by crossing American Curls and canadian Sphynx, different ears bent forward and the lack of wool) and, finally, Peterbald, which is also called the Petersburg Sphinx (was launched in St. Petersburg in 1994 by crossing the don Sphynx and the Russian Shorthair cats).

The next category worth noting is “exclusive” breeds, whose number worldwide could be counted literally on fingers. These breeds include Dwelf and Kinilaw. These rocks derive only two nurseries worldwide, so they are known only to a narrow circle of specialists. Dalipov brought crossbreeding Cats, Sphynx and Munchkin (a characteristic feature of the breed – curled ears, short fur and paws). Kinilaw, in fact, are miniature Dwelltime, the differences lie only in the more dense vegetation and small size. The cost of these kittens starts with a mark of 3 thousand dollars.

One of the most expensive and popular breeds is the Bengal cat breed, largely due to its exotic species. These cats have a beautiful color with a distinct pattern similar to leopards (the breed is sometimes called Leopard cats). Bred by crossing the conventional “home” and Asian Leopard cats. The price of the kittens of this breed, mainly depends on the appearance, clarity and correctness of the pattern and is around 10 thousand dollars.

In addition to exclusive cat breeds some specialized nurseries offer their wealthy clients and other exceptional felines, such as domesticated wild animals. So, “to order”, you can buy a Serval kitten or a Caracal (for the price of 10 thousand dollars). How to convince nurseries — even in ancient times, the Servals were kept as Pets, and in our times, several generations of these wild animals found in the home, which kittens become fully domesticated and are perfectly suited to life in the family (how can you trust such statements — anyone have such an animal decides for himself).

Another very expensive representative of the wild cat is a cat breed Savannah. This is a magnificent and huge animal derived by crossing a wild African Serval with a “domestic” cat. These animals are active, playful, and require an impressive place to stay. Such “Pets” are well suited to wealthy owners of country houses. With this cat you can play fetch and walk on a leash. Savannah is relatively easy to maintain and come in 3 types – depending on the “remoteness” of generations from the wild ancestor. “More wild” specimens are more expensive than “less wild”. The value of the cat breed Savannah reaches 60 thousand dollars.

The most rare and expensive breed in the world among “wild” cat is the breed of usher (although many believe that this kind of breed Savannah). Usher – hybrid wild African Serval, the Asian Leopard and “domestic” cats.

As cats breeds Savannah, usher aristocratic, gentle, easily trained and loyal like dogs. The cost of the kittens of this breed, depending on thoroughbred, hovering around 125 thousand dollars.