Who to start and who doesn’t

This choice of pet can be explained only by the desire of man to assert themselves. In captivity can live almost all known reptiles. But many of them are not suitable for Amateur content. In the first place because the number of possible Pets should be excluded really dangerous: poisonous snakes and lizards (many of the monitor lizards, adotube), any crocodile, large, carnivorous turtles. Unfortunately, the people who give birth to such monsters (though in reality, it is a wonderful creation, monsters they become in the apartments), are not motivated by love and interest in animals, but not quite worthy desire to stand out and assert themselves.

You should not keep at home and harmless, but large reptiles, such as huge pythons and Boas. Im in an apartment too small, and its supposed to feed rabbits and cats. Each feeding turns into a scene from a horror movie. People with normal mentality such will not be able to carry.

Steppe tortoises should not start at home. Should abandon the majority of representatives of native fauna. You can’t just go into the woods and catch the fancy snake or lizard. From an ethical point of view it is unacceptable to relate to nature. In addition, it is prohibited by environmental legislation and the International Convention for the protection of species of wildlife. To nucleosidase and from the acquisition of land turtles. They’re cute and kids love. But to create them at home the required conditions is almost impossible. Few professionals are engaged in captive breeding of steppe tortoises, and those that are sold everywhere, savagely caught in nature. That is, by purchasing a turtle, you are encouraging poachers and the animal inevitably doomed to a painful existence.

And still beyond the civilized terrarium should remain rare in nature, are virtually unexplored and protected by International red book species. Finally, the house was too difficult to maintain highly specialized in eating reptiles. As, for example, to feed the beast, feed exclusively on lizards, land snails or ants?

But who’s left? Yes, many hundreds of gorgeous and diverse species of turtles, snakes, lizards from 2 cm to 2 metres long: land and water, tree-climbing and burrowing, active and phlegmatic. Almost all of them is safe for owners. It is possible to provide in the house a full life. They are distributed in zooculture due to breeding in captivity.

Where to buy reptiles? This is a problem. Wise — specialists terrarium breeding (they can be contacted on the Internet), in societies of aquarists and terrariumistov, through advertisements in special editions. Abroad, these animals (along with the medical certificate for the transportation across the border) you can buy in specialized farms and in seocentro.