Most of the most cats – the smallest, large, large, rare, intelligent, affectionate, thick, long cat breeds in the world

Although each cat is unique, in the world yet there are animals that can rightly be called the most-most. It’s cats that differ in size, weight, breed characteristics and color, personal qualities, character or even age… they are All in their own way remarkable, and certainly worth a mark of the brightest of their representatives!

The rarest cat: the secrets of the rocks

First of all cat lovers appreciate rare animals in the world very little, and the holders of which are fit to be proud of what they do! These include first of all cats-the ushers – the largest breed of cat that reaches a height of 1 m and weighs 15 kg. Deduced the ushers were artificially one of the biotech companies in Europe and considered to be the largest in the world. While this breed is considered to be very affectionate and cute, and besides, these cats love to play with kids and sleep. To contact with them easily, despite the increased “size” – the cats are comfortable walking on a leash and eating perfectly normal food. However, in much larger quantities!

On the rarity with the ushers can compete also the Maine Coon breed, which was bred for another century ago and is considered one of the most hardy and beautiful in the world. Maine coons are the largest cats and breeders are constantly artificially increase:further reproduction involved only those animals that managed to develop muscles and have an impressive growth. Typically, these cats weigh 15 kg and their owners seem to be big and good giants. By the way, Maine coons are almost never meow – they make only vague subtle sounds that do not correlate with their complexion!

Large and small

If the ushers and Maine coons are the biggest cats in the world, the cat-Singapore has all chances to be the a tiny! Singapore is a natural breed, but in its formation was attended by American breeders who helped to create cats whose weight does not exceed 2-3 kg, and the dimensions remain the same forever as a conventional medium of kittens. The smallest cat breed at first sight captivates with its elegance and fervent disposition, and the eyes of cats-Singapore is so amazing and unique that just fascinate everyone!

However, these cats still have a competitor who could compete with them in their groseclose! Many believe that the smallest cat in the world is not Singapore, and the cat-Konrad. This is an extremely rare animal that lives in Chile and Argentina, and weighs only about 2 kg. Length of concode does not exceed 50 cm, However, even for this baby-far far the champion – a Himalayan-Persian cat, who lives in the United States: its length is only 19 cm and a height of 7 cm at the withers!

Of course, all cats are always the most intelligent among the animals! However, if you want the most intelligent cat has lived with you, try to look for her among the cats of the so-called Eastern group. It was always considered that the most intelligent cat breed – Persian, however, these animals are not very sociable. So if you are looking for and intelligent, and playful cat, buy Sphinx Oriental or Siamese cat, and she will amaze you with their amazing intelligence!

Thin and thick

If you compare cats by weight, the thickest is likely to be the biggest cat in the world – already mentioned Maine Coon or usher. Although, of course, can be fattened up and the tiny kitty, the main thing – to try. In the end, the title of “the fattest cat in the world” today is the mongrel beauty of the UK, which weighs 19 kg! However, recently she had a rival 20-pound cat living in Kiev and also does not belong to any breed.

If the possible weight cats in General, the fat cats is, of course, Persian and British (to fatten them easier!), and besides, the risk group also includes all neutered cats, which are very quickly gaining weight.

On the other hand, it is worth noting and skinny beauties, and this is not necessarily the smallest cats. Typically, the most thin animals are considered to be the longest – and these include the domestic cat breed Savannah, who manage to reach a length up to 40-45 cm. So, the longest cat in the world belonging to this breed, was even listed in the Guinness book of world records: it has a length of 43 cm from shoulders to feet and soon plans to set a record for length from tip of nose to tip of tail!

However, potential owners furry pet choose it more often than not physique and weight and not even on the breed and character. Than a kinder and gentler beast, the more chances to become a good pet for any family! And if you want to you got the most affectionate breed of cats, try to buy the beast Abyssinian, Burmese or Oriental breed. Also long believed that the most affectionate cats – Persian, however, this is misleading: these animals are quite skittish and can be aggressive even towards their owners.

And, of course, we can not ignore the individual cats, which personally was able to achieve a variety of cat “achievements”. Among them undoubtedly stands the oldest cat in the world – striped kitty from the UK, which was euthanized at the age of 34! Also it is worth to note another fluffy beauty from Britain is also the oldest cat, but in the category of “Mother”: in its 30 years of age, she managed to bring the owner of two kittens! Well and closes the list of the most-most cats this fluffy “rich”: the Cote Ibrahim, who lived in the house of a millionaire after the death of the owner inherited as much as 15 million pounds!