Best cat breeds for children

Cat is a truly unique Pets that give a lot of positive emotions and joy. Despite the independent nature of furry cats, the desire for freedom, cats, like all living creatures, become attached to family members, their home, need affection, attention and proper care.

In addition, these animals are ideal for families with small children. The cat will become a trusted friend to a child with pleasure will participate in cooperative games, bringing joy to children. Taking care of Pets helps to develop in children a sense of responsibility, love, kindness, instilling the correct communication skills with animals.

What cat breed to choose for children

Planning to have a little fluffy ball of happiness, you need to consider that cats are very independent creatures. Every animal is different, has its own temperament, disposition, habits. In many respects the nature of animals is determined by the breed. Not all of them are docile, good natured, therefore, the choice of the domestic cat for a child should be approached with great responsibility, given the characteristics of each breed.

Before you choose the breed, you need to know as much information as possible about the specific behavior. No harm will usnato breeders, how to properly care for your selected breed. To give preference to cats is with a calm, stable disposition and temperament.

List of cat breeds for children


Burmese cats will become great friends for children. Burma is friendly, moderately active, have a docile and affectionate disposition, even temperament. Specimens are beautiful, recognizable appearance. Coat of medium length white-ash color, with a thick undercoat. Recognizable color coat – white “socks” on the dark legs, black with grey, slightly brown color of the muzzle, a dark that matches the color of the muzzle bushy tail. Specimens have large blue eyes, round shape that gives the animals a special effect.


Graceful, with refined manners of the Persians are by nature a very calm disposition, phlegmatic temperament. They are not active. In adulthood, the Persians prefer to sit down imposingly on the sofa, do not tolerate disrespect to his Royal person, require constant attention. Ideal for keeping in families with small children. Persians need regular care long coat and eyes.


Redhall – semi-longhair cat breed with a gentle disposition and temperament. This breed is large sissy, require careful, good relations, affection. Get along well with children, I love to sit on their hands, will be a great and loyal friend to all members of the family.

Maine Coon

Maine Coons are fairly large cats with long fur, have boundless energy, playful, cheerful, get along well with children and can spend hours to take part in active games. Animals get along well with other Pets, undemanding, but need regular care of coat.


The Sphynx is unique not only in its appearance but also its special temperament and character. Cats are incredibly intelligent, moderately vigorous, very attached to his house, need constant affection and care. Children to be loyal friends, ideal for people with allergies. Sphinx it is best to have children after five years. Given the specifics of the breed, the complete absence of fur, children can accidentally hurt or injure a pet.

American Curl

The curls are incredibly good-natured and affectionate cats. They love children, enjoy playing in cooperative play, get along well with other household inhabitants, very attached to the house. Have a beautiful silk coat, elegant appearance.


This breed is very affectionate, good-natured, have a calm, balanced temperament and disposition. Very sociable but not annoying. I love children, don’t show impatience or aggression towards other Pets. These cats are suitable for children of different age groups.

Among the breeds that are suitable for children can be other, for example, Burmese, Scottish fold, British blue, Bengal. The listed materials are ideally suited for the role of a pet in the family where there are small children. Representatives of these breeds are active, energetic, cheerful, have a calm disposition, even temperament.

Siamese, Russian blue, British Shorthair, Norwegian forest cat, Abyssinian, Devon Rex, Singapore cat, Ocicat recommended to take in a home with children older than 8-10 years. Some of these breeds are very independent, have a capricious temper, hyperactivity. Animals may not be perceived undue attention to scratch or even bite a child if they don’t like it.

What you need to know when choosing a cat for baby

Going for a kitten, pay attention not only to animal welfare, their appearance, but also on the behavior of mother cats. Watch a few minutes for the kids, will appreciate the habits of animals. Kittens should not be excessively timid, wary, cringe at every sound or loud noises. Kids should be healthy, energetic, inquisitive, playful. It is best to go for a cat with your child. Let your child choose a pet that will attract him.

An adult cat should meow hysterically when it take on hands, to bite, to break or scratch. This animal behavior is cause for concern. If the child is very small, but want to take home a cat, you need to wait until the baby reaches the age of four or five years. Children up to three years, it is difficult to instill a sense of responsibility and care. Besides, during games, the child may accidentally injure your pet.

Choosing a home furry pet, in addition to breed you need to pay attention to other factors. Every animal is different. Little kittens, regardless of breed, from the first sight to enchant and captivate with its loveliness, playfulness, curiosity. But do not forget that a year later the little kitten will turn into an independent, proud animal that requires careful and respectful attitude. The nature and behavior of cats largely depends on the right education and attitude towards it.