Best cat breeds for children
Cat is a truly unique Pets that give a lot of positive emotions and joy. Despite the independent nature of furry cats, the desire for freedom, cats, like all living…

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Caring for goats at home: attention, wool!
Many believe that the goat is the most undemanding pet, but despite this, the care it needs to be very careful, because it depends on the quality of milk, down…

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Dog breeds

Shepherd dogs are Among the dogs instincts the most valuable is their ability to guard anything. Since ancient times, livestock provided meat, leather, was used for the carriage of goods. They were very important to people. So dogs are used to guard… … Wikipedia

Ancient dog breeds are Ancient dog breed 14 dog breeds that DNA analysis which showed the lowest difference of the genotype from the wild wolf (the 2004 study)[1], which means that these rocks were formed among the first and since then, little has changed. These rocks … Wikipedia

Potentially dangerous dog breeds — dog breeds with genetically deterministic qualities of aggression and power, included in the list of potentially dangerous breeds of dogs in accordance with the laws of the state. Source: MODEL LAW ON the TREATMENT of ANIMALS… … Officialdarlenelove

Classification of dog breeds — breeds of hunting dogs (Fig. the article “Dog” a Great encyclopedia S. N. UGA … Wikipedia

Newfoundland (breed of dog) — and other uses, see Newfoundland (disambiguation). Newfoundland.

Types of dog training — Should be moved into this article content articles Canine sport and to put out a redirect. You can help the project by joining article (cm. instruction for Association). If necessary discuss the feasibility