Parenting through animals

Watch the snake, ironed fluffy bunnies and feed the raccoon is the coati — all that thrills young visitors Ecoclub “Forest”. Its founder and Director Olga Poljubaca often notices how the children are changing before our eyes — become calmer and kinder. It all started with her own childhood dreams.

– To have in the house someone from the animals was a childhood dream, – says Olga. – And then when there is a similar desire from my children, I without hesitation purchased our first pet – a Guinea pig. But due to allergies daughter this baby had to give to relatives. I began to study the specialized literature and to dive into the question on animal care more seriously and found that are often Hypo-allergenic exotic animals.

So in the apartment of Olga gradually settled African hedgehogs, Degu protein, and later this company joined skunk named Martha.

When the Martha in me has turned over, and then I realized that it became a pronounced hobby – to learn, to understand, to care for the animals. But after a few years, the hobby eventually became my way of life.

Olga increasingly began to come friends, to see the shaggy-hostacyclovir. Gradually wishing to communicate with the animals getting bigger, and the Pets were often welcome new guests. So by itself the idea of creating a club, the first venue of which was scientific-natural Museum of Kirov.

– During the first year .. we went to different schools and conducted classes for children. And such events are very important for students. First, I am convinced that the study of nature necessary in a complex, and not just using the textbook and Internet. When children can hold the animals and see their life, the information becomes an internal experience.

Olga is sure that the communication with animals changes people for the better. And often watches overactive and spoiled children, picking up the rabbit, immediately changed, become calm and balanced.

– And all because the boys lack the ability to love and allow yourself to be calm, kind and gentle. When such transformation started to happen regularly, I realized it was a pattern. Fellowship with our brothers less benefits, both physical and mental – health.

Today the environmental club “the Forest” is a place where children and adults can relax, and get interesting information about the four-legged. Working almost three years on trips for school and children’s institutions, in January of this year, the club found its permanent site, which hosts weekly open meeting of the contact with the animals, educational lectures for families with children and thematic workshops.