Treatment of exotic animals

In addition to cats and dogs small rodents, ferrets and other exotic animals are very popular for keeping house Pets. But, unfortunately, they also get sick like other Pets. In addition to the common diseases of internal organs, exotic animals and have their own specific diseases.

A cause for concern and the doctor should be any change in the behavior of your pet: the rejection of favorite foods; the presence of unusual discharge from eyes, nasal and oral cavity, vagina, prepuce; cough, sneezing; itchy, patches of fallen hair; disorders of urination and stool and other clinical signs.

In addition, certain methods of treatment and some drugs used to treat cats and dogs unacceptable for rodents and ferrets. So, for example, the drug “front line”, having in its composition the active substance is fipronil, which is used to combat flea infestation and mallophaga dogs and cats, very toxic to rabbits and should not be used for the treatment of such parasitic diseases.

Therefore it is not necessary to independently and uncontrollably to apply various drugs for their Pets, because their implications are very poor and not always a veterinarian will be able to stop the harmful effects of these substances and save your chetveronogo family.

Doctors our clinics conduct therapeutic and surgical the reception of small domestic rodents and ferrets, which are used in the various research methods. Specialists clinics perform inspection of the dental system of rodents with the help of buccal separators and other tools, manufactured and used specifically for small and very tiny patients. Pathology of internal organs are revealed by methods of ultrasound diagnostics and digital x-rays that are performed by qualified specialists.

For patients in critical condition, runs therapeutic and surgical departments where the animal is under the surveillance of veterinary specialists. Hospitals are equipped with oxygen chamber used for oxygen therapy of patients with oxygen insufficiency.

If necessary, our surgeons perform scheduled and unscheduled operations. In addition to minor surgical manipulations are carried out and serious abdominal surgery.

In our clinics we use modern equipment for gas anesthesia. This kind of anesthesia is safer, mainly for rodents, are especially sensitive to anesthesia. In addition, on each operation there is an experienced anesthesiologist, searching drug for induction of anesthesia for each patient individually, depending on the physiological status and characteristics of the organism of the animal. Our experts carefully treat the smallest of patients, given the characteristics of their body and behavior, and always try to minimize the stress that can be caused by a doctor’s visit.