What role in the development of play Pets for kids?

Most adults in their homes to keep animals. If in the village it can be cattle, which the house does not go, in the urban environment much more difficult.Adult men normally cope with this. But what is the role of Pets for children? Is it safe?

Of course, most of the domestic animals act favorably on children and teach them to do good, bring joy. However, this happens only if the parents belong properly to the pet, and not just bought a pet for children.

Pets for children – benefit or harm ?

According to the observations of psychologists Pets for children, helping to develop the capacity for empathy, and also develop communication skills. Some doctors argue that keeping animals in the house positively affects the index of intellectual development. However, the content allowed for children to encourage a sense of responsibility. It is also worth noting that the presence of an animal at home to help reduce self-centeredness of the child. In order to get productive interaction, it is necessary “feedback”, that animals can provide that. For instance even ordinary stroking of the animal. If the dog does not like as a child to neatness, then and will not work in the future to see his young master. The same happens with cats and other Pets. For children, their development and communicate not only with animals, but people, this is a very important factor. This may allow the child to learn to understand not only their point of view, but also others.

How important are Pets for children?

When in the house animal is a huge responsibility and the child, sooner or later, recognizes this. Moreover, not noticing the child will take on this responsibility. It will be manifested in feeding the animal, care for them, walking. However, parents often resist this, for example, does not allow to remove the cage or toilet seat. In vain, is to allow the child to care for animals, at least in the presence of adults. Much worse when the child grows aggressive. Before you buy a pet for a child, it is important to explain to the kid that the dog or cat, hamster or rabbit is a member of the family, and that you have to treat him very carefully.

If parents give birth to an animal, are to pay attention to the age and the child’s behavior, whether it is the animal? If the child is very small, it is advisable to buy an adult pet that behaves exactly.

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