Why do people buy dangerous for life exotic animals?

At the entrance of a usual Moscow high-rise buildings were detected. leopards. animals were caught and handed over to specialists, but who are their master, remained a mystery.

“The fashion for exotic animals swept Russia in 90-e, – tells Edgard Zapashny, people’s artist of Russia, Director of the Great Moscow state circus, the trainer . Remember, we were approached by a reputable businessman with a request to help with training, when I bought the tiger. Supposedly, it would take him on the leash – would bring the competitors respect. A week later begged me to take an expensive animal, because the care of such a beast – Oh what a difficult job! However, it is this wild fashion – last but not least together with the actions of the poachers resulted in an almost complete disappearance of tigers”.

One friend asks another: – Where am I supposed to do with a penguin? – In the zoo! The next day: – Thanks for the advice, at the zoo we visited. Where we’ll go – maybe to the circus?

What animals are most popular as Pets in Russia?

In principle animals listed in the Red book, in many countries it is forbidden to sell. But in fact this business is widely developed. Exotics sometimes sell on the ordinary bird markets. “That’s just what is the condition expensive pet, only the practice can show, says the veterinarian Ivan Savelyev . – We often arrive half-dead lemurs. Or parrots whose feathers which only the parasites do not live. Some time ago there was a real epidemic of false a some miniature pigs to doghill. These animals the size of a small dog is very popular in the West. Everyone will remember the touching story about Hollywood actor George Clooney, who chose this animal family life. Now, some enterprising businessman began selling under the guise of a some miniature pigs to doghill. ordinary pigs. Which managed a good feed just a few months to achieve weight a hundredweight. The problem was with unhappy customers – what to do with from a city apartment Mature boar?!”

I have one friend three rats started. Exactly in the year of the Rat. Interestingly, it is the year of the Dragon will do?

On such a strange buy people spend huge amounts of money. For example, imported from Africa parrot can cost 3-7 thousand dollars. And the wild cat, the Pallas cat is about 50 thousand But why. Here in addition to the prestige and show off, and plays the role of a simple ignorance of the realities of the content of a particular substance. For example, exotic fish, piranhas. They are fed meat and – tested – they’ll do the finger-feeding them another owner to grab. Or take such a wonderful animal as a Koala. Quiet, quiet, only eats it. exclusively eucalyptus leaves. But because in the conditions of Russian apartments quickly dies from hunger. Huge lizard iguana seems to be tied to the person, and smart, and not muddy. But, walking along the floor of the house from some of our lover of exotic, often catches a cold – so she can not tolerate even the slightest draught. This summer, the iguana, which later received the nickname of Timothy, was caught. on the territory of the television center “Ostankino”. The one from cold and fear almost went into a coma – fortunately rescuers arrived quickly and managed to smuggle a half-dead animal in spetspitanie.

Unpredictable hippos and llamas-Tomboy. Routine veterinarian at the zoo

Yes, there are problems of content! If I knew fans of such purchases, what happens with future Pets during transport. Some time ago in the EU was delayed, the seller crocodiles. He posted an ad online and waiting for a possible buyer kept the beast in the bathroom. by wrapping it with plastic wrap so you don’t accidentally jumped out and bite someone. And the turtles are transported from the homeland in suitcases, half of them die by being crushed by a relatives. Also tough to do with birds. They even tape the wings to the body and the beaks roll up to not rustle and did not attract the attention of customs officers. Then the percentage of deaths is even higher, but due to the high price for each copy such wild smuggling remains a profitable business.

The house must be some kind of animals. Someone gets cats, some dogs, someone- husband.

And the saddest thing is that these “friends of man” in fact will never be a replacement for your ordinary cats and dogs, bound to the host heart and soul.

Yes, today’s Fox is able to live in a kennel not far from the human houses. But if possible they are returned to the wild – no love for the master will not keep them. Raccoons, which suddenly became fashionable in the USA, have been altogether naprorochili – bite people, and that’s it!

Dangerous pet: they were saved from the death of an African lion

Horrific stories abound. Domesticated a flock of wild wolves (!) bitten to death mistress. Living in the local area in the cage the bear nearly tore the scalp with his master’s son. From duct crawled a huge Python that escaped from an owner who lived a few floors above. Children on the road found a dead peacock. Given a pair of American bison home and could not get used to the toilet, so the tortillas from lying around the house.

And in South Africa, the lioness tore to pieces. the defender of animals. That is really a shame: the lady was in the back once held in bondage pussy to life in the wild.

Today trendy has become a content near country houses. beavers. They fence off part of water, regularly supplying food. It is difficult to say what is the interest of taming such an original “home” of the beast, who “in gratitude” actively biting trees and other plantings on the site owner.