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What dogs are the most intelligent and ability to train

The choice of a dog should be approached with great responsibility, because you are taking home not just a “pet”, but a friend and family member. There are several selection criteria, the most important of which is intelligence.

Who is smarter?

Like people, each dog is their intelligence in different forms and also has certain individual characteristics. That is why it is wrong to divide the dogs according to the principle which dogs are the smartest and most foolish, since each of them has great potential that will only become apparent with the help of the owner. As they say dog lovers, there are no stupid dogs, there are stupid master.

However, the ability of the dog is influenced by its breed, namely: its features and purpose of excretion . Humanity publicly exposed new breeds of dogs for the protection of territory, hunting and grazing. Such a “specialization” can not affect the character, behavior and habits of dogs. So, better obey the taming of the breed, bred for grazing. If the dog belongs to a breed whose purpose is to protect livestock or the protection of the owner, she will have to sweat before she trained teams.

Therefore, before you invite into your home a new four-legged friend, think about how much time and effort you are willing to give him, and remember that to train a dog should be in accordance with the purposes for which it was bred breed.

How to create ratingonline dogs

If you are willing to invest time and energy in your dog, teach it the commands, you breed dogs for training. They quickly grasp new commands and long remember them.

The ranking of the most intelligent breeds of dogs, compiled by psychology Professor Stanley root . will provide you with several options to choose from. Of course, some dog owners are skeptical about such “hit-parade”, especially if their favorite is not emblazoned on top. However, the rating is based not on an empty place, and on a careful and lengthy study based on a survey of two hundred judges from the American and Canadian sobakovoz clubs. They were asked to rate various breeds of dogs for the purpose of understanding and execution time of commands. Therefore, it is not the top most intelligent breeds of dogs, as sled and hunting breeds are more independent, but this does not diminish their intellectual abilities.

The author Stanley Coren divides the three dimensions of intellectual abilities of dogs:

Instinctive: the dog performs the task for which it was bred breed. This intelligence is based on functions, coded genetically.

Adaptive: the dog solves the problem.

Work: the dog learns, acquires new knowledge. Also this aspect is called the intelligence of obedience, and it is the object of study Stanley Coren.

TOP 10. Trainable dogs

The rating consists of 80 species, and is represented in the top ten breeds of dogs, easily trainable. This group of breeds with excellent, the best skills to learn. Further, the learning rate of dogs descends, passing the following groups: great natural abilities, above average, average skills, below average, poor ability. Last, the 80-th place in the ranking is the Afghan hound . but this does not mean that this is the most stupid dog in the world. This breed is one of the oldest, so her representatives, there was a genetic independence and autonomy.

Lead the top 10 most intelligent dogs are the border collie, and recall that the intelligence of dogs is considered only by learning.

1. Border collie. The leader of “the hit parade”. Representatives of this breed is swift, energetic, friendly, intelligent and even insightful. They like to work, to serve people, but they always need mental and physical exercise. To train these dogs is a pleasure, however, newcomers such breed is better not to have .

2. Poodle. These cute curly pussies is not only charming, but also attentive, smart and active. Their high trainability visible in the areas where it is possible to meet the poodle. Representatives of this breed – recognized stars of circus performances, as well as hunters, protectors and rescuers.

3. The German shepherd dog. The intelligence and trainability of these dogs are widely known. No wonder they make excellent guards, helpers and comrades. They are relatively easily transferred to the new master, which is convenient when working in the police.

4. Golden Retriever. This breed is characterized by friendliness, good attitude to the children, quick and easy learning, endless patience. They are calm and “quiet” (very rarely bark), so not suited to be guard dogs. But the hunters, they make excellent.

5. Doberman. This breed was bred to defend and attack. Its representatives must train, otherwise they will become unmanageable, which is quite dangerous. These are active dogs with surprising intuition. Any Photo Doberman shows his physical strength, which the owner must subdue and subjugate.

6. Sheltie (Shetland Sheepdog). Their ancestors helped people herd sheep, and now Shelties live with their owners in the cities, distinguished by the devotion and ability to defend. This affectionate dogs who adore their owners, but wary of strangers.

7. Labrador Retriever. Dogs of this breed work as rescuers and guide dogs. Labrador retrievers mischievous, kind, sociable, and trainable with such ease. They get along well with adults and children, all eager to please and to serve all.

8. Papillon. Another name of this breed – a continental toy Spaniel. Pictured Papillon look extremely cute, but their appearance is not the only benefit. Representatives of this breed is well trainable and participate in many different sports.

9. Rottweiler. Representatives of this breed – reliable defenders, loyal friends and helpers. They are hardy, energetic, serious and brave. They tend to obey only to one master.

10. Australian shepherd (Aussie). This breed was developed specifically to help herd sheep. This is a trainable dog, they understand their masters just perfectly, unquestioningly obey it. However, the Aussie are too active and “talkative”.

So, if you dream of a faithful friend, who will protect when needed, and will brighten your times of loneliness, it offers the list of most intelligent dogs. Now you can narrow it down and determine the breed of your future pet.