Animal diseases – a Common trouble for hunters and animals

While hunting for a wild animal people are not protected from their illnesses. Diseases transmitted to humans from wild animal, referred to as anthropozoonosis. People can get infected through contact with sick animals. There are a large number of diseases that can be earned when eating meat produced animal, and the majority of diseases from wild animals can get airborne and failure to observe basic rules of hygiene and safety. For example, after the bite of a wild animal can be infected with rabies. This is an acute infectious disease. The duration of the incubation period depends on the depth of the bite and the bite. If the bite was on the hand or leg, you need to check for infection of the CNS by the causative agent. Can last from 12 days to one year. In any suspected disease of wild and domestic animals, with strange and not appropriate behavior, trying to bite or already pokusava. All animals that had contact with the disease agent must be checked for infestation. Or destroyed to avoid an epidemic of the disease. Animals carry the disease for great distances, the disease can cause the death of many animals, both wild and domestic. The vector of the disease in the acute form die within 3 days. You must take care of their Pets by making them the necessary vaccinations. And if this situation arises that you or your dog bit garagenseite. Immediately all stop and take the animal to the vet, and yourself to the hospital for further treatment. Disinfect all the equipment after the hunt, take the dog to the vaccine and do the tests themselves. The disease incubation period may last for six months. Only rabies is not complete the list of transmissible diseases in wildlife. This list includes diseases such as brucellosis. This is a very dangerous disease, as it becomes chronic. Exposed to domestic and wild animals, adults and newborns. Gets the pathogen through food. You can eat a small piece of rabbit meat poorly cooked and infected by brucellosis. When brucite fever, the person throws, hot and cold, accompanied by delirium, severe sweating, and weakness throughout the body.

This pathogen can become infected and domestic animals, as hares in winter very close to the villages and are carriers of the disease. And the hunters get an infection if you do not observe elementary rules of hygiene when cutting the carcass of a dead animal. Disease occur is very difficult, more complications for internal organs and for joints. The heart and blood vessels also suffer from the disease of brucellosis. In the muscles and blood vessels also accumulated the toxin of the disease, so I can’t give dogs raw meat after a successful hunt, otherwise, it can become infected and consequently die. There is such kind of infection in the wild as toxoplasmosis. It is a disease transmitted from animals to humans. This pathogen can cause an epidemic of the disease toxoplasmosis. This disease is caused by a parasite – Toxoplasma gondii. The source of the disease can manifest itself in the farmland, where a large number of insect vectors, rodents or vectors, and the water is also not possible to filter from parasitic diseases. When the disease toxoplasmosis, a very frequent deaths. Transmitted from animals to humans and from person to person, through saliva. Dogs with this disease become depression, exhaustion, weakness, flowing eyes and nose, pallor in the area under the Flews. The dog cough accompanied by vomiting, the dog frantically shaking, and confused in mind, and cannot stand. Wild animals with infection do not behave appropriately. They observed a clouding of consciousness, the animals become sluggish and weak and soon perish. Animals carry this disease almost as tularemia. To be infected do not need much, it is possible through simple contact with the patient, using one mug of tea, through the digestive and respiratory tract, can also be infected through sexual intercourse. All that is connected with the mucous can be a carrier and a good place for the development of viral bacteria. Mechanically you can become infected from certain types of flies, horseflies and ticks Toxoplasmosis should be promptly identified and cured. Dogs raw freshly killed meat hunting is not to feed, and not let the insides of a dead animal.

Sune it can be a source of infection. Disease similar to toxoplasmosis in fur-bearing animals, is tularemia. Infectious disease of fur animals, transmitted to humans from blood-sucking. The inflammation is created by rats, faeces carrying bacteria on pasture, grain in the barns and in haystacks to 3 months. The most susceptible to this disease are rabbits, Pets and people. People may get infected through contact with an infected object, through the digestive and respiratory tract. People become infected through harvested grain, by mosquitoes and horseflies; the hunters become infected with on the infected swamps and other troubled bodies of water. If staying overnight in contaminated hay or straw, when cutting carcasses produced a diseased animal. The pathogen can enter the body even when bathing in the pond, even through the eyes. The disease affects the lymph nodes, spleen and lungs. Headaches don’t stop, nausea, vomiting, weakness of the whole body. Impaired motility of the organism. Warn the epidemic complete the processing of disinfectants. So gentlemen, be vigilant and wash your hands always and everywhere, and good health to you and your dogs.