Popular breeds of cats

Cats are smart and adorable creatures in the world. With their appearance in the house will reign atmosphere of comfort and warmth. It is believed that cats live together with people of more than 9500 years. Give their owners love and positive emotions, and they require almost nothing in return. To keep them at home very easily: for the happiness of these four-legged needs a roof over his head and regular meals. Unlike dogs to relieve themselves, cats do not need to go out. Kittens are very easy to train to a specific place (enough to buy the cat litter and buy a toilet for cats ). And it will take no more than two weeks.

The most popular breeds of cats

Varieties of these cute Pets there are so many. Cats differ not only in appearance but also in character. They are fluffy, short-haired and even bald. The most popular species in greater detail.


For several decades the most popular breed of cats in Russia are Siamese cats . She managed to captivate the hearts of people with its exotic, Eastern appearance. A distinctive feature of this breed – large blue eyes. With regard to the nature, the noted breeders, Siamese cat is quite skittish, but very sociable and easy to train.


Persian cats have conquered the people with his angelic appearance. Adorable fluffy Persians have a calm,gentle nature and often resemble plush toys. Unlike other breeds they require careful grooming. Make your pet look attractive and neat, you need to comb him at least once a day.

Maine Coon

Maine Coon cats are especially popular among the stars of Russian show business. The adult male of this breed can weigh up to 9 kilograms. Despite the fearsome appearance, these cats have a docile, good-natured character. They are long-haired, but the special care it requires, as the coat of a Maine Coon is quite tough.


The main feature of this skits – charming blue eyes. Cats of this breed are friendly, attached to the owner and gullible. Ridgely love little children, they fit perfectly into the family.


The Bengal cat is Your pet leopard. Due to its unusual color, this breed has become very popular among fans of exotic. The nature of it, as befits a leopard, not sugar. These cats are very active and love affection.

Russian blue

Smart, independent, and calm. This breed is ideal for keeping in the apartment. Special care they require, very attached to family, good with kids.


The Sphynx have almost no hair. To touch the skin of the Sphynx looks like velvet, she is very gentle and pleasant. Representatives of this breed possess a high intellect. The breeders are celebrating and healing properties of sphinxes. According to them, the cats have a positive effect on the health of their owners.