Transportation of animals in aircraft: rules and tips

If you want to fly on vacation and don’t know who to leave your pet, but may not want to part with it, then you have to take it with you. Transportation of animals in aircraft involves the observance of certain rules. Knowing these rules in advance, you can facilitate your pet to the stress of the flights, because the animals are much harder to tolerate the change of pressure and the motor noise of the plane than we do.

Rules of transportation of animals to various airlines. In addition, you need to consider the requirements of the customs and veterinary services. For animals there are two ways of transportation:

in the cabin;

in the Luggage compartment of the plane.

Carrying animals in the plane with no problems

Before you meet the road with your pet, you need to perform a number of activities:

Booking of a ticket. Be sure to tell the carrier that you should animal. Do this in advance, not at check-in at the airport . Transportation of animals in aircraft is an additional service and therefore must be booked separately and at an additional cost. To do this you need to provide information about his pet, in particular, the size and weight with the cage.

Carriage of Pets by plane requires paperwork. At the airport, you must be 2-3 hours prior to departure. You need to pass veterinary control. Please submit veterinarypet and a certificate of vaccinations received. If your animal all right, we in the veterinary service will stamp it and issue the ticket gate. If you travel abroad (outside the CIS), then you need to obtain a veterinary certificate, valid for up to three days. At the customs control you will be asked for a certificate stating that your animal is not breeding. Otherwise, if you do not have a document from the Russian cynological Association, your pet will not be released outside the country.

Collect all the necessary documents. This includes: veterinary certificate for international standards, proof of breeding values for some animals will need the permission of the State Committee of the Russian Federation on environmental protection.

Transportation of animals with the company Aeroflot

However, transportation of animals in aircraft does not have clear rules. The companies their standards of how should be the transport of animals, Aeroflot, for example, admits that the pet was flying with his owner in the cabin. But this is only if you should only one animal and its weight is not more than 8 kg. If you are bringing multiple Pets, you have to pass them together with the Luggage. An obligatory condition is the presence of cells, and that your pet never left her throughout the flight. The cell itself should be comfortable, reliable, sturdy, have holes for the animal to breathe, the cage must be fastened feeder and drinker, you should have the animal stickers. The amount of the payment depends on the weight and size of the animal together with the cage. Even if the weight will be less than the norms for free carriage of baggage, the animal is not covered. With the exception of guide dogs. They fly with the owner for free.

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