Weapons of war – dog Breeds

So you’ve decided to buy a dog. This is a responsible and extremely serious step, doing that, you need to be clear about why you need one. A dog is man’s best friend. This is a devotional and spiritual animal that will love and protect you and your family. This is the creature that will be with you very long period of time. However, it is not so easy as it seems at first.

Dogs, like people have all sorts of qualities, and they can just “not be suitable” for you. When choosing a dog, of course, the primary role of the breed of dogs. Of course, that for a small Studio apartment barely fit a big dog, what besides, need to be well fed.

Making a final choice of breed, try to consider all the pros and cons. The excellent option would be to consult before buying with your veterinarian, who will talk about all the nuances of your favorite breed. Diverse diseases, food, lifestyle and lots more, this too is a breed of dog. In this case, the reference point on the Photo dog breed, cannot be the main.

The important point in evaluating dogs is its coat. So, for example, “naked” dogs (stafforshire Terriers, boxers, Dobermans, etc.) do not tolerate cold weather. Because these dogs need to temper and use other methods of protection from the cold. Long-haired dogs (poodles, cockerspaniels,Schnauzers) require additional care for six. Every two months (and in summer more often) they need to be cut. Needless to mention that if you have an Allergy to wool and infants caring for this dog will bring some inconvenience. There, another group of dogs, is dogs that do not shed. The Airedale and the standard Schnauzers need to trim (remove old coat) twice a year, but you can invite a professional.

This condition such as age, may be forced to give up the thought of buying a dog. Think, quite fairly if you have time each day to walk your pet, take him for vaccinations. Dog — human communication, it is not necessary to get a dog, if you all day are at work, and the dog alone spends his time. The dog, without long communication and undernutrition may run wild and then, not to avoid trouble.

Gonna back off the idea to get a dog, at least until such time as your child reaches 5 years. The fact that the child sees the dog as a toy and can hurt her, defensively, the animal can bite, maim or even kill your child.

Don’t forget that we are responsible for what we have tamed. Take care of your pet, love him, and he will tell you the same.

These cute animals — kittens

When kittens are just born, they look like large worms. Wet and hairless, besides, the blind. After 15 days, it is easy and fun murlyka. Decorate little faces in amazement-amazing eyes, they are all interesting, cats are very nimble. They had to be sure that they do not have got to where you should not. How cute and funny kittens are fighting each other, or rushing for a toy, you can watch endlessly. This continues up to 2-2,5 months.

Unfortunately, there comes an inevitable moment when you must part ways as a couple of cats in the apartment, and raise another brood of kittens is quite troublesome and expensive. A sad parting. Women suffer him hardly, crying.

Definitely, all friends and acquaintances for some time warned about the presence of a cohort of baleen-striped brethren and kittens are partially attached. However, it appears that third cousin is in position and refuses his murlyka, a friend of a friend brings back screaming fluffy ball with prepodneseniya excuses, they say, the mother did not allow it. Your cell phone number now shows on every post: give kitten in good hands. An announcement of this nature will find much better reviews in the global Internet, for example on the portal  where finding a kitten, you can find Pictures of different kinds, phones of breeders clubs and even a lot of necessary and interesting information.

Alternative distribution is the sale of kittens. Of course only buy purebred animals.

Men believe that when buying a kitten along with the woman. On the approach, they begin to admire these cuties. “Oh, how good this redhead! And this a white tail like this. … And that trunk!” Yes, the problem of choice. Take all at once! They are so cute and fluffy. To stand on the poultry market is unprofitable, but as an experiment, curious. Someone wants a cat, and someone’s cat. And now women are starting to look for kittens under the tail and look for primary sexual characteristics. “Oh, it’s probably a boy, maybe a girl. It is unclear where the pepper?”

We all hope to adopt a healthy individual. Healthy kittens are active, the fur is shiny, eyes are clear and no nasal discharge. Feel you liked in the area along the spine. A healthy kitten is fat anyway. The skin of the animal assumes no bald patches, crusts, dandruff and parasites, neat ears, character playful, intelligent eyes. The animal should not be fearful. The kitten should get in contact. Perfectly healthy kitten plays, eats, drinks, from time to time “clean”, even the kittens are sleeping quite a lot.