Products and plants that are toxic to Pets.

Many foods and plants are safe and even healthy for people perhaps not so safe for Pets. Here’s a brief overview of such potentially hazardous to your Pets food.

I’m sure many know that the dangerous for Pets chocolate . In chocolate there are some components that are toxic to animals, and they are all connected with heart diseases and disease of the gastrointestinal tract. It depends on the amount of harmful ingredients, the more pure the chocolate, the more poisonous it is. If a big dog eats a little chocolate milk or chocolate chip cookies, the risk of poisoning is not great, because the animal itself is large and the amount of real chocolate in milk chocolate is not great. However, there is some risk of diarrhea and even vomiting. But if your little pet will eat dark chocolate, or even worse, chocolate cakes, then likely the animal will suffer severe and even potentially fatal consequences.

As a vet, I often encounter animals chocolate poisoning, but fortunately only some of the poisoning had resulted in serious consequences. I saw several dogs died after ate a box of chocolate candy. This is perhaps one of the most common cases encountered most often veterinarians small animals. And in most cases of poisoning, the owners gave chocolate to their Pets,but rather animals ate chocolate found themselves. So, please keep chocolates, drinks, pastries and more concentrated products out of reach from Pets – on high shelves, away from the edge of the table, in refrigerators, etc. Especially chocolate like dogs are, unlike cats.

Along with chocolate, at least from the point of view of active toxic substances, dangerous for animals are coffee and tea . They can contain large amounts of caffeine, which is also poisonous to Pets. Although it is less likely that the animal will swallow a dangerous beverage containing coffee or tea, however, if added to the drink milk, it is best to keep it away from animals, especially from cats, as this may cause serious consequences.

Other common toxic foods for Pets is onions and garlic . Unlike the case with chocolate and coffee, poisoning onion and garlic usually occur due to the fault of the owners who deliberately, unaware of the danger, fed these products to their Pets. Choose dog or cat is unlikely to independently accepted eat onions or garlic, but hidden in food or medications, these poisonous plants can easily be eaten as cats and dogs. Onions and garlic are very common seasonings and, perhaps, the main components in a large number of dishes. No matter in what form are onions and garlic – if they are cooked, raw or in powder form – they are poisonous in all forms. Some owners, why do I think that the garlic will protect their Pets from fleas and specially feed them to their pet, but it is not so, and many times it has been proven that this is not true. If for a long time to feed the animals garlic and onion, it can lead to serious diseases of the stomach and intestines. It causes acute hemolytic anemia (destruction of blood cells), and animals can suffer or die from lack of oxygen in the brain, as well as may develop problems that affect blood clotting. For example, I saw one dog died from what ate pizza with onions. Many cats who ate garlic, I observed signs of anemia and damage to the gastrointestinal tract. Fortunately, the toxicity of these plants depends on the dose, so a small amount of these products is unlikely to cause serious sudden problems. But unlike chocolate and coffee, the negative effect from constant ingestion of onions or garlic, can be long-lasting. So, before you give your pet meatloaf or leftover stew, check that you have not added it to onions or garlic.

Poisonous to dogs substances contain macadamia nuts (macadamia nut). The exact cause of poisoning by these nuts is still unknown. The toxicity of these nuts does not depend on their number. In other words, even if a large dog eats a small amount of these nuts, it may cause serious harm, while a small dog eating a lot of nuts, maybe a bit or poisoned or not feel the action of toxic substances. The most vulnerable to this toxin dogs after poisoning begins to tear and they get very fatigued, to the point that they can’t stand. Fortunately, the serious consequences of this toxin does not happen and the dog quickly recovered. But nevertheless, be careful, if you love to eat these exotic nuts.

Many desserts contain raisins . which is also poisonous to dogs (it is unknown whether it is poisonous for cats, as cats don’t eat raisins or grapes very often). Just 15 grams of grapes . to poison a 5 kilogram dog. Although not all dogs grapes and raisins have a negative effect, but those dogs for whom these products are toxic, can have kidney problems. Since it is still unknown how this or that dog needs to eat a grape to get a kidney disease, it is recommended not to give dogs grapes and raisins. So be careful if you decide to feed your dog fruit cake and other holiday desserts and keep raisins and grapes in containers for fruits.

Some of the parties manage to make cakes and other cooking with marijuana. Marijuana . surprisingly, is on the list of 10 most dangerous plants for dogs. Although deaths from dogs directly related to the hashish, was not, but many poisoning dogs hashish are accompanied by dizziness, weakness, vomiting, low body temperatures, insane behavior, etc. Although the dog will never have marijuana simply because they are happy to eat food that adds marijuana.