Feeding the puppy boxer

Initially puppy, it is desirable to feed what he was eating at the breeder. Once the puppy is quite adaptable in a new home, you can gradually translate it to the diet the most appropriate for the new owner. Some owners feed mostly proprietary, specialized feed, other, more conservative, prefer to prepare food themselves. In practice, both options are quite reasonable.

When feeding dry food, be aware that some dogs are more suited for one feed and the other other, i.e. if a dog on any food allergies or diarrhea or just this product she doesn’t like, it must be replaced by another brand of food. Buying dry food, always check its shelf life specified on the packaging. For baccarat best suited feed with a sufficiently high protein content (27%), because protein is the primary building material for the formation of lean muscle mass. Adult dogs feed a high protein feed is impractical, unless they suffer from thinness, not too much physical work and not be kept outside in the cold period. It should be remembered that the amount of food for each dog individually, and therefore the dosage indicated on the packages of dry food, only correct on average.

When kormleniye with natural feeds, we must remember that at least half of the diet should be protein foods – meat, fish, cheese, eggs.

The meat should be lean, better beef, but not necessarily tenderloin: wolves from eating their prey first, eat the groin and insides (except the intestines), and then everything else. Boxerjam, and adult boxers, because of the peculiar bite to break off a big piece of meat on a small uncomfortable, so better to cut it into small pieces. When feeding a puppy’s internal organs, especially the liver , you have to be sure that there are no worms. In addition, the liver contains a lot of vitamins A and D, and their excess in the body is also harmful, as a drawback.

The preferred fish of the sea, because river fish is easily infected by helminths. According to some specialists, it is advisable to feed the walleye.

Bones . especially bird and fish, boxer is contraindicated.

Eggs contain many different vitamins ,so in moderate amount are very useful, but in excess causes hypervitaminosis and skin rash. Also with an excess of egg whites is able to bind and excrete the necessary for good condition of skin and coat vitamin H (Biotin).

Feeding milk often leads to diarrhea. It’s another thing milk products contained in milk is milk sugar as a result of sour milk fermentation are being converted to the corresponding acid and so the lactase is not necessary.

Vegetables for boccerini primarily suitable in the carrot, pumpkin, zucchini. About the potatoes the opinions of various experts. Cabbage, especially braised, helpful, but many dogs causes amplified flatulence.

Cereals are suitable for feeding rice, buckwheat and wheat and oat flakes (“Hercules”). Barley groats (pearl barley and pot barley) for feeding absolutely not suitable – they are very hard to digest and cause diarrhea.

A large portion of protein the puppy needs to receive a raw, carrots, partially steamed and partially grated, the other products should be cooked so easily digested. Only corn and cereal do not boil, and pour only the broth or yogurt.

These guidelines are not only puppies but also adult dogs, only with some refinements.

At the age of 1.5 to 3.5 months should be fed at least 4 times a day. From 3 to 6 months – at least 3 times a day. From 6 months to a year to 3 times a day. An adult dog is usually fed 2 times a day and after 1.5 years in the warmer months calm, plump dogs can be fed and once a day.

To install a bird feeder taken at the stand of such height that the bowl was at shoulder level. Puppy grows – up and bowl. It is believed that this contributes to the formation of correct posture and normal structure of the forelimbs, without turning inwards and soft pasterns. However, it should be noted that a special research on the subject nobody has not been conducted, so the influence of the location of the bowl on the formation of the puppy can only guess, especially since the time the dog bowl for a day slightly.

From the book by V. L. Novikov, “the boxer”

in order quickly enough to enter a dog in exhibition condition, the most suitable food with high protein content (30% or more) and calories. Read more

Initially puppy, it is desirable to feed what he was eating at the breeder. Once the puppy adapts quite in the new house. Read more

for estimation of dry food need to take a rest from the bottom and preview on white paper. A large number of tiny particles in said dry food is usually low quality.

there are three main ways of feeding dogs: free access to feed; limited time and limited by quantity of food feeding.

They contain recipes for cooking at home of balanced rations for dogs.

Their biological importance and influence of deficiency or excess of minerals on the body of dogs (with pivot tables).

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