Top 5 most unusual Pets
You dream of a pet, but think a cat or dog - this is mainstream? Want to Express your uniqueness through a special friend? Don't be afraid to have an…

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Cocker spaniels: from hunters to Pets
Earlier it was a Cocker Spaniel named small in size, the main purpose of which was considered woodcock hunting. Hunters are very appreciated these spaniels for their agility, intelligence and…

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How to feed a puppy?

Hi, I’m a puppy Jack and I are still quite small. Recently, I took my mom and now I’m lonely and scared in this big world. I still do not know, so you have to take care of me. Most importantly, eat well and to feed me . Then I will grow healthy, beautiful and strong dog.

Master, remember the 10 most important rules!

1. Not perchemlievi me. I have to eat in moderation. Then I will be an active, lively and curious puppy . If you see that I’m not energetic and sluggish, think.

2. You ask, how often to feed me . My mom told me that the older I become, the less servings I’ll get. Under 2 months I have to feed 6 times a day every 3 hours. When I turned 2, then a month feed me 5 times a day. From 3 to 5 months my body is ready to receive food 4 times a day. At the age of 5 to 7 months – 3 times a day. After 12-14 months, only 2 times. Well and the portions are, of course, will be more.

3. Never feed me too much cold or hot food. Temperature food should not be more than 30 degrees.

4. Not every day I give milk. It is very tasty, but can cause problems with digestion. All should be in moderation. So you better not forget about ViaVoice that I need, Yes all puppies and adult dogs.

5. Don’t, please, feed me fat meat. Well does not take my stomach fat. This is especially true of pork. I have a very weak liver, like all my comrades. Once a week is useful to give me a piece of fresh, lean, raw meat. I will gladly eat him. Fish is also possible to treat once a week. But not river – if there are any dangerous bacteria?

6. Noticed that my hair has become dry and dandruff? Quietly put food in vegetable oil.

7. Can and bones to please me. Only not tubular! And indeed a lot of bones I can’t. When a lot of them – they ruin your teeth and clog the stomach. Better let it be raw cartilage, soft beef or veal bones.

8. This is the way our canine nature that cannot have the sweet and spicy. Better we do not know what a candy. I said that from sweet falls wool and a tummy ache. As much as I begged – don’t let me sweet. You’re an adult and intelligent, and I am still just a little puppy .

9. Better spoil me raw vegetables, fruits and berries. I will gladly pogruzo carrot or an Apple. And teeth cleaned and vitamins get. The potatoes and only cooked a little.

10. From an early age accustom me to the stern . All the dogs I was advised to eat feed the company “ACANA” and “ORIJEN”.

“Akana” and “Origen” series, specially designed for puppies of small medium and large breeds.

It’s simple, inexpensive, tasty and healthy. Find out the details myself!