Cat breeds

What breeds are white cats are there? What interesting or scientific facts about such belosnegka?

Most often the Turkish Angora breed has a white coat of fur. Long, fluffy, white. And eyes,eyes! Copper, amber, blue (by the way, the deafness in pure white cat with blue eyes genetically). The beauty is indescribable. But the care of the coat requires a lot of time and patience. If there is a lot of free time, then this breed is better not to have. Otherwise the white coat will be solid mats.

If we are to continue the theme of cats from Turkey, the van rocks too like snowflakes.

Persian breed. These beauties also come in melasniemi, although not as often.

Oriental cat breed is also white.

A variety of breeds of cats can boast belozernyi representatives. And this is due to the fact that disturbed pigmentation. Simply put, the cat is albino. Though the phenomenon is rare, but such seals are registered.

The…breed of cats

Now we will tell about the most – most…breeds of cats . The most fluffy, the largest. But still for a loving owner it was his purring is the best breed of cats . And it does not matter, pet, pedigree or even preprandially even close to thoroughbred running around. If animals love, it is not important nor the color, nor the density of the wool, nor the height at the withers. It’s just numbers and letters in the veterinary passport. But let’s get acquainted with the most fluffy and largest breeds of cats.

The fluffy breed of cats

Many in awe of long hair, but it requires much care. If you do something wrong, instead of the beautiful fur will be matted tangles. And it’s hard to spoil an exterior pet. What are the fluffy breed of cats are there?

Persian. The most common breed of fluffy cat . It montuschi even those who do not just need a coat comb, but also periodically to cut. If the owner is afraid of himself, now full of grooming salons that will be happy to lead fluffy into the order.

The ragdoll. Let the length of the coat and not the same as in Persian, the shorter one (semi-longhair cat breed), but care no less than that long. The mats are formed is also easy, just skip a planned brushing. Besides, if you buy purring with multi-color color and at least once to cut the plica, its place will be new, but the black wool. And this is not the breed standard and is becoming a serious problem for exhibition cats.

Siberians – beautiful fluffies that have already double undercoat. When a pet is shedding, wool is so much that wool socks can be associated from it.

Burma. Those who breeds these beauties, asserts that caring is easy. Just need a few times a day brush is good to brush the coat. Well, “easily”, but what can you do – the beauty demands victims!

But the fluffy breeds of cats . which require, indeed, less effort in grooming, include the Maine Coon, Turkish Angora, Norwegian forest and Bobtail. But this does not mean that these purrs not to care: to comb, to cut.

Large breed

Some murlyka so large that can easily put your paws on the shoulders of five-year-old child. And some and at all on a leash to walk it, as they are more like dogs than the usual seals. Large breed cats much, but the ranking of the most popular large domestic cats you can read right now.

Savannah. The largest. At the withers she is over half a meter can be, and even body weight and is 15 pounds reaches. But these seals are not easy to acquire. This is a real wild cat, which was bred “home.” This cute with huge ears walking on a leash. Kitty is worth over 20 thousand dollars, and all are made for baby – a few years! Although if the kitten is “not clean”, that is generation 4 or 5, the price is much lower – 4 thousand dollars. But the representatives of these generations are not so nice and large. With each successive generation this leopard home less and less, and apparently moving away from the “original” – the first generation. Besides, Savannah is a close relative of wild big cats Serval.

Maine Coon. Anyone knows this beauty, which is so similar to fluffy lynx home? Beautiful tassels on the ears, excellent volume and a long tail.

Siberian – the magnificent big cat. Her coat is unmatched. But courting her is not so easy. and so the variety of colors and is amazing. Compare Sibiryak is the Norwegian forest cat. Judging by the name of breed of cat, it becomes clear that the coat is very thick, because cats of the “Northern places”.

The Bobtail. Yes, bobtails are not only among dogs. Cats of this breed also with the “stubby” tail, but at the same time, murlyka very large.

British. Also not a miniature pet. But he is so plush like a toy. It is impossible not to love him, those huge eyes and thick soft fur (albeit short). Yes, Savannah does not compare, but compared to the usual “purebred” British quite “tall” and heavy.