How to choose a pet for the kid?

Pets for children can become real friends, if parents with the birth of a child is to teach him with respect and attention to Pets. Communicating with animals will bring a lot of happy moments not only for baby but also you. In addition, many pussies is able to relieve stress and lift the spirits of their owners.

How to choose a pet for the kid?

Before you have a pet, you need to carefully weigh the pros and cons of its location in your home, or instead of the positive moments of communication with the animal you’ll only get a headache. Before you choose a pet for a child, carefully analyze the situation:

first make sure there is mutual desire of all members of the family to have a pet. If someone in household is categorically against a new tenant, the presence of an animal in the house will not bring much joy;

secondly, select the kind of pet. Animals of different breeds require special care, special diets and special conditions of accommodation, so consider your possibilities, not only physical but also financial;

thirdly, decide on the age of the pet, small animals, of course, very cute and will immediately attract the attention of the baby, but adults will sobirayut much less care and from the first minutes of being in the house will be helpful to host a small;

fourthly, do not hesitate to find a veterinarian, because in case of animal disease is very difficult to find the right doctor, and the loss of a furry friend for children will be a real tragedy.

Knowing in advance the preferences of family members and dividing responsibilities for the care of animals between pet, you will solve a lot of problems and will be able to establish a peaceful existence of his family with a new family member.

What animal to have in the house with a small child?

Children and Pets rarely conflict, because the animals often excited to be able to play and frolic with the kids, and the kids are happy to spend time with their furry Pets. There is no common concepts with what age for a kid should have Pets, so the presence of animals in the house are permissible with the birth of a child. For babies of any animal will become a true friend, the little kids love to play and watch for Pets. It is scientifically proven that guys in the house with which to live Pets, grow more restrained and less aggressive, so almost any animal in the house will bring a lot of benefits for the development of nature and calm the nervous system children. For a young child’s best friend can become:

the dog is better to choose a reserved breed, for example, Newfoundland or collie, if your area is not allows you to have a dog of this size, select a pug or poodle. The best option is to pick up the dog at the kennel club, so you will have the opportunity to explore the particular nature of each species and to learn more about your favorite breed. If the prestige of the breed is not important to you indicator, best friend for children will become a regular pooch, these dogs rarely get sick and often have an agreeable temper;

cat – kittens become family Pets, but require special attention and will not be able to play with the child alone, because they can scratch the baby’s claws. For the house with a newborn you can choose the kitty is older, for example, to take the animal from the shelter. Animals who lived in captivity, are very grateful to their rescuers, so this cat will become your faithful and reliable friend. As for breed, it is not necessary to purchase a wayward Sphinx or Siamese cats, it is better to choose a mongrel creation, or to stay on a fluffy Persian;

rabbit is a beautiful animal, which, however, requires special and careful care. Rabbits are very closely watching the state of his fur, however, is not able to digest hair, so they always need to give pills to remove toxins from the stomach. Many people ask: “what is the minimum age to have a rabbit?”. Best this animal is suitable for kids of 4-5 years, because rabbits are very sensitive and have fragile physique, it is easy to injure;

bird – depending on the type of chick different types suitable for children of different ages. For example, small parrots can live in families with kids of any age, but large birds with its beauty klouda very painful and can cause children a lot of trouble;

Guinea pig or hamster is a very obedient animal that enjoys playing with the children, but will not tolerate rough handling, so they often bite and scratch. For such a pet will need separate housing, for example, the cell or closing the Lodge;

mice and fancy rats are very smart animals, quickly find a common language with the children, and the kids from them is just crazy. Rat does not require special care, because she washes and cleans the dwelling, rodents are distinguished by their peculiar nature, but subject to training and become the favorites of the whole family. Therefore, there is no difference at what age should child start rodent: he will become a faithful friend for a toddler and 2 and 10 years;

turtle – a rare pet because the sale of such animals is prohibited, and for the baby bug is not of particular interest, since very little awake time.

Unsuitable friends for kids are considered to be reptiles, lizards, spiders and iguanas. Exotic animals – selecting the adults, but for newborn home with similar neighbors does not very good company, because many species are poisonous and can cause fatal situations.