Dog, cat or someone else? Whom to choose?

The moment you decide to have a pet you have many questions, and the most important is someone to get a dog. cat. rabbit or other rodent or you even want a reptile or someone exotic. Then there will be other questions, such as what to feed your pet, how to train a dog (if you choose a dog), how to protect your pet from disease and much more. But now we get back to basics, and I can tell you who is better for you. Begin with animals which most often give birth at home are dogs and cats, then briefly remember and about our other Pets.

But first I would like to remind you of what you need to be prepared before envy pet:

You should normally carry the scents of several dogs have a specific odor which will have to get used to, a cage of rats and other rodents — especially during the warm summer will produce a slightly unpleasant smell, even if it is clean! I forgot about the ferrets, they have a very strong smell, and to get rid of it is surgically necessary to remove perianalny cancer and sterilizing them.

The whole family needs to agree on the presence of an animal in the house! None of the relatives should not be allergic to Pets, all family members should be prepared for certain acts of animals (small kittens and puppies can go to the toilet in the “wrong place” rats knock loud enough paws on the parquet floor, the cats scratch the furniture and tear the curtains, and the dogs can grist the same furniture or shoes…) !

Animals need to ensure acceptable conditions of keeping and feeding. Most of our Pets have good hearing and can not tolerate noise, e.g. loud music, so if someone is used to listening to music at full volume, you have to quit!

Animals harmful cigarette smoke and other strong odors! Do not smoke in the room where they are, and do not use excessive perfumes!

The dog is the perfect pet for those who love to move, it is suitable for long walks.

Buy a dog if (advice more for women, but I hope that men like it too) :

1.You need someone who will bring you the newspaper.

2.You want to have someone always waiting for you at home;

3.You’re looking for someone who will eat whatever you prepare and will never tell you that it’s not as tasty as his mother;

4.You want someone who was always ready to go with you anytime, anywhere you want to go;

5.You need a friend who will never pick up your remote, does not shout during the match, and who sits next to you always, even when you are watching a romantic film;

6.Looking for someone who will be coming to you in bed just to warm the legs, and you can easily push him out of bed when he snores;

7.Need a friend who never criticizes, he doesn’t care if you ugly in the morning, he doesn’t care you’re fat or thin, young or old, for which every word has meaning and he is ready to listen to you for hours and who loves you unconditionally and completely.

About cats can say a lot of things positive but I will start with the other. If you are looking for someone who will never come when you call, ignores you totally when you come home from work, will leave their fur everywhere, behaves, as if the meaning of your existence only to create his comfort. Then you need to buy a cat.

And so dog or cat?

One of the most distinctive features that differentiate dogs and cats, is the interaction with the owner. We can say that in this respect dogs far “ahead” of cats. The dog is just very sociable animal. Cats are much more, and the Mavericks. People who have never had prolonged contact with cats, even think that they are not inclined to interact with the owners. However, it is not, this opinion is the result of many negative myths. The truth is that domestic cats are very in most cases, sociable and affectionate animals.

Getting back to dogs, I must say that they generally tend to be closer to people and more dependent on the owners. It is true that the cat is more independent and does not require as much attention as a dog, but they also need to devote time. Each animal need to give a small part of himself. However, overall, the time spent cat will always be shorter than necessary for dogs.

Another cat is the ideal animal that is suitable for keeping house, people in old age or much busy work, so elderly and ill people better to make a kitten.

Summary: the First is a dog, we certainly can go for a walk not everywhere of course allowed dogs in shops, cafes, bars but to walk in the fresh air in the Park is irreplaceable companion. Dogs are always very loyal and faithful to its owner, can do anything. Second cat: they are, although sometimes walk alone, and do not require such close contact with man like dogs, but they are also fun and they are not so much cost from the owners and of course with them not need to walk in bad weather ))).

Rodents also does not require a lot of time and effort, they generally lives in a cage, of course sometimes we have to play with their Pets and let them run (of course if you are sure that we can catch back up). Home from rodents infest rats, rabbits, Guinea pigs, chinchillas and hamsters. As much as I wish universaline bezuprechnoe pet You should know that a rat or a hamster is a living creature that you have to provide a better quality of life (optimal physical and mental development). This is not a toy that you throw into a corner. Not to buy a pet, not being able to care for it, think about whether you assume the responsibility to take care of him in the next two, three, maybe four years.

I do not advise you to have an exotic animal without special training, buying an animal you should know all about it. Especially need to be careful setting the stage for dangerous to humans species (snakes, crocodiles, aggressive lizards, obezyany….)

If you don’t have time every day to feed and walk a pet, and every few days to clean the cage of the rabbit or chinchilla, to let him walk. Buy a plush toy, look beautiful, and you will have no further trouble.

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