Homemade reptile peaceful disposition

Until recently considered exotic, homemade turtles today are perceived as something ordinary. Their huge variety allows you to choose the most suitable option in terms of maintenance and care. Contrary to popular belief, the power of these reptiles are capable of experiencing emotions, to become attached to the host and to show ingenuity.

For keeping the apartment perfectly suitable for ordinary swamp, water slider turtle or the Central Asian land. For other varieties require special conditions to ensure it will be highly problematic and costly.

Bog turtle must be kept in an aquarium with water. Moreover, no neighborhood in the form of fish is not allowed because this reptile belongs to the category of predators and will eat just those foolish owner will offer her companions.

To feed the marsh turtle should animal food: flour worms, raw chicken or fish. Sometimes you can give boiled egg, cottage cheese and greens. The water should be warm, not below 25ºc and around the clock illuminated by the lamp. Wash the aquarium, which contains a reptile should, at least once a month.

The same applies for red-turtle, but it’s mandatory in the aquarium is required to provide a plot of ground, protruding above the surface of water as it can breathe air. It refers to rekordsmenom Pets life expectancy, the duration of which is 40 years with proper care.

Central Asian tortoise needs a cozy terrarium with sandy or shell soil not less than two inches. Mandatory elements of the interior of the terrarium are the feeder and a house for reptiles. An important condition for the health of the animal is a sufficient number of permanent drinking water and the lack of drafts. It is undesirable free movement of the animal through the apartment, as it can lead to colds, injuries and even accidental death.

When buying turtles, it is important to pay attention to the lack of damage and deformation of the shell, not under the nature of pigmentation of the skin, and secretions from the mouth and nose. A healthy animal breathing even and inaudible, the behavior in moderately active with a normal coordination of movements.

Since the conditions of turtles in captivity, even under the most varied diet cannot provide the animal with all necessary nutrients. Therefore, regardless of the species of reptiles, compulsory component of the diet should be vitamin-mineral supplements.

Turtles also need special manipulation, which include warm baths or spraying with a spray bottle, stay in direct sunlight, and ultraviolet irradiation.