Iguana at home: the content

In addition to the usual for us dogs and cats are increasingly found in modern apartments of different exotic animals. No longer a rarity and something strange iguana in the home. Iguana is a large lizard, in the wild vstrechayutsya in Central and South America. It is a daily way of life, lives in trees near water. For those who want to have at home this reptile, first you need to find out in what conditions it should be kept and what to feed.

Iguana at home: features of care

The most important component of the health of this lizard is eating right. Iguana is a vegetarian. In a familiar habitat its diet consists of flowers, fruits and young leaves.

Excellent food for iguanas will be clover, dandelions, beet tops and radish, parsley, watercress, lettuce, alfalfa.

Vegetables can give radish, broccoli, pods, and leaves of peas, green beans, carrots.

A good addition would be blueberries, currants, figs, blackberries and citrus fruits.

Iguana at home likes to eat and some house plants, such as begonia, nasturtium, tradescantia, epipremnum, syngonium, hibiscus, leaves and flowers of rose and Dahlia, and purified from glochidiatus prickly pear.

Of grasses that reptile can be brewed give bran and oatmeal, boiled buckwheat and rice, whole grain bread.

It is very important that the diet was varied, it is important for the proper functioning of the whole body of the reptile. You need to ensure that the body of the iguana was getting plenty of calcium and phosphorus in the home. Occasionally you can give mineral supplements, but only after consultation with a specialist.

In no case should not feed the lizard animal protein. This affects the internal organs responsible for digestion, and then the entire body. At the wrong diet can develop diseases such as gout, nephrolithiasis, renal failure.

Although the main moisture from the lizard gets juicy food and drink seldom enough, but in the terrarium should be a bowl of drinking water.

What should be the terrarium for iguana

It is important to ensure the correct equipment of the terrarium in which to live lizard. In the first year she will have enough glass terrarium for 200 litres, and as it grows will have to expand its living space to 500 liters.

In dwelling lizards must be installed lamp with UV radiation, which helps the iguana to absorb calcium and vitamin D, as well as a humidifier or even a small pond. The required temperature and humidity is necessary to support very carefully, because if they will be different from the norm, the reptile can be killed.

In order for the iguana to feel comfortable at home, a terrarium is necessary to clean every day, and once a week to wash it completely. To buy the iguana best in clubs of fans of reptiles or in specialized pet stores.