Pets and care for them, conditions of keeping, feeding

Allowed in the nature of a great many dogs and cats, ferrets and hamsters. There are people who don’t understand or criticize pet owners: bad smell, cats scratch, dogs bite. But Pets are amazing creatures who bring laughter and fun in the house, and some even treat and benefit. Pets is a mirror of the character and habits of the owner. What is the benefit to have a pet? Primarily this is good for those who have children. Pets bring a sense of responsibility, care and affection. Let us examine the world of Pets by popularity.

Most probably common Pets are cats. Freedom-loving, energetic and independent. They are easy to care for, they don’t need to walk, a great option for those who have a small apartment.

Second in prevalence is the dog. Dog is a true guard and friend who will never betray. A content dog is more difficult than cats. They need to walk, they need to train. A large dog will not get in a small apartment. If you decide to have a large dog you have to remember that you are responsible for it. If it is a decorative dog, it is necessary to comb, to feed. The dog brings in a man leadership qualities.

The third position in school Pets take fish and other creatures living in the water (turtles, snails, snakes). This is a good variantdlya apartment. Water world is famous for the fact that calms the nervous system. The only downside is that many fish are very capricious to water temperature and its salinity and then need to know which fish you put together, that even one was not a predator.

The fourth position is occupied by birds, particularly parrots. Chirping and singing. The original choice for the institution. In pet stores today a very wide selection of various Canaries, some exclusive to make the ravens, for example. By the way the ravens are very faithful birds, and defend the owner can pohledy any Doberman.

Fifth place get domestic rats, hamsters, Guinea pigs they take up little space, not whimsical, clean. For apartment a very good option. In the same position we bring home cockroaches and spiders even very original, but not all in joy.

Finally, the sixth position is awarded expensive and exclusive pet, which can’t contain because of their high cost. Thoroughbred horses with stables in the yard, pythons in the apartments, the tiger is the guard. They are exclusive Yes but they are very complex, and many are simply dangerous. But we Russians, we need to show his wealth and pomposity. This is our review of breeding animals. Just remember even the little rat that needs attention and care.