Vet tips on how to combat parasites in animals

Get infected by helminths can even puppies and kittens who were born in the apartment and never went outside

No matter how hard the pet owner to protect them from the worms, the risk always remains. Although methods of dealing with these nasty little creatures is pretty well developed, but the inexperienced cat and samokovlija very often questions arise. The most popular of them is responsible veterinary surgeon Sergey Shulgin.

How to give anthelmintic drugs dog?

If the drug is a suspension (in other words, is in a liquid form), which, incidentally, often sold together with a syringe without a needle, it is injected into the mouth cheek. Hold the dog’s muzzle elevated, with a clenched jaw, she swallowed the medicine.

Tablets can be put on the root of the tongue. Before that, open the dogs mouth and hold it in this position until it will swallow a pill. It can give mashed, mixed the resulting powder with a small amount of feed that gets asked is tailed the “patient” before eating. Another trick is to grind the pill in a spoon, add a little water and then pour in the mouth of a dog.

In pet stores sell so-called tabledatamodel. To use them, noresetroot the pill in the rubber tip, which is then placed on the root of the tongue of the animal. Then you need to press on the piston, which will push out the medicine.

Can puppies be born with worms?

Yes, this is possible. In adult animals the larvae with the blood spread throughout the body and trapped in the organs and tissues, where for a long time remain viable but do not reach the adult stage. But in pregnant females under the influence of hormones larvae “come in sense” through the blood and entered into the fetus, where and begin to develop. Therefore it cannot be said that the puppy had never seen the streets, free from worms. Kittens and puppies can also get infected by parasites through the mother’s milk. That is why it is so important to begin a deworming program when the puppies and kittens only 2 weeks old.

What is the dirofilariasis?

Of climate change on Land and increased population migration between regions has led to the emergence in Ukraine of diseases not seen before. For example — dirofilariasis (“heart worm”) that is transmitted through mosquito bites.

By the bite of larvae of the pathogen penetrate from the proboscis into the blood of the animal. Within three months the larvae develop in the subcutaneous fat and connective tissue and, eventually, penetrate into the bloodstream and migrate to the heart.

The symptoms of dirofilariasis in dogs — chronic dry cough, difficulty breathing and shortness of breath, wheezing in the lungs, fever and sputum with blood. Treatment is quite complicated, so the disease is much easier to prevent. The best prevention is protection of the animal from mosquito bites by using special collars and sprays.

How not to buy fake antihelminthic drug?

On the market of veterinary drugs is really a lot of fakes. Simple advice — do not buy drugs to animals in the first available small stalls in markets and streets. At best, you’ll just sell nicely packaged chalk… it will Not hurt to ask the seller if they have a pet shop license to sell veterinary preparations: its original, or, at worst, copy in the point of sale should be mandatory. But the wisest way is to consult a veterinarian. He will advise you where to buy the drug.

If the dog “riding” backwards on the carpet is a sign of worms?

Most dogs often “ride” backwards on the carpet due to the fact that they have clogged anal glands. Another reason is the presence of tangled hair around the anus, especially in long-haired breeds. But the worms are rarely the cause of such behavior.

Is it dangerous for the owner of an animal disease pet worms?

Yes, the risk of Contracting exist. But should not be exaggerated: many of helminths of man as a “place of residence” is not suitable. Please note at least the difference in our body temperature (36,6 °C) and dogs (38,5—39 °C). For parasites the difference a couple of degrees is a terrible discomfort; to multiply, and simply exist in such conditions they can not.

On the other hand, if a dog (cat) the parasite is still in the human body, unusual conditions can distort his behavior. Roughly speaking, a worm does not know where to go, and instead settle in the intestine and migrate throughout the body. This is why you should not relax and forget about observance of elementary rules of hygiene: wash hands after contact with animals, don’t bathe your dog on the crowded beaches so that eggs of the worms do not fall in the sand.