The choice of a pet

So you’ve decided to have a pet. Who do you opt? First you need to decide what you want from your future pet. If you want to impress your friends and acquaintances, it’s possible to get an exotic pet. But it must be remembered that this is a very big responsibility. If you want to be greeted after work or warms its warmth in wet weather, you can opt for a more traditional edge to our species — a cat, dog or bird. But it is also not less responsible. Any animal requires care, care and attention, and sometimes a lot of attention.

Exotic Pets

The first thing you should pay attention is the conditions of your future pet. Look at your home — where will be your new friend? Whether he would be there light, warm, not hot? Most exotic animals require special care. So before buying you need to find out:

In what conditions the animal lives in nature (temperature, humidity, illumination)?

What you need your pet to recreate the natural habitat conditions (may be it is a palm branch, and maybe just clean water)?

What is your favorite and where you can buy this food (food)?

Vnimatelnost examine and think about — whether to create these conditions for your future friend or how much it will cost? Whether you buy your pet fresh worms $10 for the thing?

Also important factor is the treatment and regular medical examinations, so as to find a specialist, for example raccoons or skunks not so simple. In pet stores or veterinary clinics will advise you to seek help at the local zoo or to the zoologist. What if the zoo is far away, in another city, and we need help now, at this very moment? Of course, you can find information on the forums about the treatment and maintenance from the owners of such animals, but it will not replace a qualified doctor-veterinarian. So before having a rare animal, think about where and from whom you are to treat him.

Content exotic house is associated not only with great responsibility but with great risk. What if your friend or neighbor does not like the tiger or the crocodile? There are also many types of poisonous or exotic animals are carriers of a rare and dangerous diseases.

And most importantly, when you purchase an exotic animal you need to issue a veterinary certificate or a pet passport, medical certificate of health and immunization status form, and a document confirming the origin or legal import of animals into the country. Otherwise there may be problems not only with the law but also the animal or even you.

Traditional types of Pets

If you still want to have more than the usual and ordinary pet, you should not think that it is less troublesome than the range of exotic animal. After all, acquiring future pet, you should remember that you take responsibility for the life of the living beings.

When you choose a traditional pet, it is worth considering also the size of the home. For example, in a large country house you can make and a large dog, and even a pond with ducks. But if you live in a small apartment, it is best to have the appropriate size of pet: Guinea pig, hamster, fish, budgies, cat, small dog, rabbit or turtle.

Another important factor when choosing a pet is your lifestyle. The animal is dependent on you, and if your work is connected with constant business trips, and the animal very want — in advance think about who will care for your pet in your absence or if you can take it with you.

The next thing you should pay attention to is your attitude to household chores, because each animal has its own characteristics in the development of, for example cats, dogs and parrots moult, the fur and feathers should be collected with a vacuum cleaner, scales of reptiles to sweep. Should be regularly cleaned toilet boxes, cages, aquariums, walk your pet in any weather. You can ensure the cleanliness and decent care?

Do not forget about such important factor, as allergies. If before you have never had Pets, and your child is close to them no contact, we should find out in advance whether he is allergic to a particular species of animal.

What to look for when choosing a pet

Skeptical will look for your future pet. And based on the size of your property or, more precisely, of living space, which are ready to give the animal, choose a pet. If you live in a small apartment, it is not necessary to have large dog breeds, raccoons (because they require a fairly spacious cage), crocodiles (crocodile terrarium to take up much space) and other large animals.

Calculate your budget. If you decide to have a pet, costs you can not avoid: the food, the cage or the terrarium, vaccinations, preventive medical check-up, toys, clothes.

Carefully decide on the veterinary clinic for your pet — it should be near your home (in case of emergency), it’s not in all cities there is a ambulance for animals.

Make sure that your chosen veterinary clinic has the necessary specialist. For example, the doctor-herpetologist (expert on reptiles) is extremely rare.

When choosing a pet, do not forget about your lifestyle and character. If you are an active, energetic person, it is ideal for the dog. If you, on the contrary, the homebody, the cat will be for you a true friend. Exotic animals will approach people extravagant and extraordinary, which has lots of free time to create favorable conditions pet.

Also consider your work schedule, availability of travel, because you cannot leave your pet alone on a long period of time.

Learn the habits of the animal, the conditions, consider whether you can provide it proper care. Are you ready to walk the dog in any weather, to buy live mice and feed them to a snake, a crocodile or iguana?

Read at thematic forums reviews from owners of such animals, it will help determine the choice.

If you decide to get yourself an exotic pet, do not forget about the documents and resolution to maintain it at home.

Find out whether any of the relatives of a personal dislike or Allergy on your future animal.

Remember that buying a living creature is a serious step and treat him with full and conscious responsibility.

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