8 unusual Pets

The fans of everything unusual found with several types of animals which can become the alternative to home cats, dogs and budgerigars.

In the childhood I dreamed to have at home a small monkey. I thought, how interesting and fun we would play with live shaggy “doll”. Later I learned that they are not as cute and harmless as they might seem at first glance. The contents of a small chimp in the home can be very troublesome. Unlike dogs, which repeatedly and unequivocally recognizes you as the Owner, the monkey constantly have to remind you who’s in charge of your “pack”. That is why they can often attack without warning on households, thereby checking whether they have the strength to take the leader’s place. To the contents of the monkey house was relatively safe for all family members, its most of the time have to keep in the cage, allowing you to freely walk around the house only under supervision.

To breed a some miniature pigs to doghill began in Germany about fifty years ago, and in housing conditions they moved recently. The progenitors of dwarf Guinea pigs are Vietnamese villabruna little pig and wild boar. Mini-Pigi grow in length not more than one meter, the maximum weight is 30 kg. Even brought up in domashneye, the animal may be very skittish, because there flows the blood of a wild boar. However, mini-Pigi easily trainable, if timely to address this issue. Accustomed to the person, the animal even allows itself to scratch and pet, and can itself ask for affection. Despite the hard-hitting glory, domestic pigs are very tidy animals, if since the childhood to accustom them to cleanliness.

Ferrets as Pets in popularity nearly as many as usual for us dogs and cats. The ferrets (domestic species of these animals) – friendly and playful creation in a time when not sleeping. And sleep ferrets love. Twenty hours of sleep a day for granted. Inquisitive nature and the fact that in the wild, ferrets live in burrows, it may cause some problems for the owners of these lovely animals. If you have lost some small thing in the apartment, ask your pet. Most likely, he successfully dragged her to your cave (read – the crack under the bathroom).

4. Sugar possum

Australian flying squirrels – another type of unusual Pets. This is funny animals, leading mainly nocturnal. Once in the new location, the animal exudes a special aroma, which eventually disappears. Make funny Sizzling sounds and tarahtyaschee. Not counting the insect Topobase, powered sugar opossums can be called vegetarian. They are happy to tuck into fruit, baby milk, yogurts, honey, chicken and quail eggs. That the animal does not get bored during your absence, it is better to have opossums in pairs. For their maintenance for a spacious aviary. It is desirable to periodically release them from the cage or aviary to allow the possum to stretch your ear and fly plenty.

5. Snail Achatina

One of my ever-busy friend lives a huge snail Achatina named Zhorik. Unpretentious establishment does not feel the pangs of loneliness, while Angela goes to work and does not fall out from hunger if the day there is no one to feed. By the way, the adult Achatina fed only twice a week. Will fit almost anything – fruits, vegetables (especially cucumber), cereals, fish, meat and even mushrooms. Omnivorous animal, however, will not eat foods that are not good enough for him or that it may be poisoned. Also has no risk of overeating. The snail will eat exactly as much as it needed to be sated. Achatina as waste products, has absolutely no smell, which is another advantage in its content. Undoubted advantage of this type allowed also is that they can be left safely unattended, going on vacation. Left without a source of food and water, the snail just goes to sleep and can be for up to two months! After returning from a holiday, don’t forget to Wake the snail under warm running water and immediately feed. Achatina at home live on average 7-10 years, are able to recognize their owners, do not emit sounds and odors, it is not care, do not cause allergies.

Originally from South Africa, where they can be found quite often as Pets, in our country, the meerkats appeared recently. Cute animals weighing just over one kilogram are very sociable and do not tolerate loneliness. If the house is already inhabited by any animals, meerkat necessarily make friends with them. His behavior is more like that of domestic cats are playful and love affection. The content will also fit the cat tray and a cabin, preferably of elongated shape, as in nature, meerkats live in burrows. For walking outdoors be sure to use a leash as an escaped pet on the street, completely helpless and can be killed.

One of the most commercially available species of reptiles, the iguana, is becoming an increasingly popular form of pet. However, fans of exotic should be aware that to keep these animals is not as easy as promised by shooterguy, and not cheap. For this reason, an adult iguana is a fairly rare phenomenon. Before you decide to buy the original pet, it is necessary to study carefully the rules of care. And only if will be able to provide the iguana with all the necessary conditions, bring her to his home.

Here whom I will never get, is the spider. But if you do not treat arachnophobia and like extreme sports, maybe this is your option. Tarantulas got their name because in the wild it can kill the chick. While in captivity are content with eating cockroaches. The biggest tarantulas can reach sizes of over 10 inches. For the maintenance they need a terrarium and air temperature between 23 and 28C. After eating mice and cockroaches, spider “throws feet” and maybe a few days sitting still, digesting food. Loves to sit on your hands and enjoy the warmth of the human body. Cutie just.

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