Most expensive cat breed

Perhaps, cats are the most usual companions of people in the modern world. Them with equal success can be found in the city’s avenues and on quiet country lanes. Cats walk by themselves and on rooftops and in doorways and basements and backyards on the benches and in parks and even in the woods near settlements.

For wanting to have a kitten there is nothing easier, just to look around. Almost certainly to meet the ad “selling a kitten for a nominal fee or give a kitten in good hands”, not to mention the many homeless kittens, which you can find in almost any large yard.

However, among these familiar Pets, there are those who will not meet just on the street. This cat is a rare and expensive breeds. The cost of these cats can reach several tens of thousands of dollars and depend on the rarity of the breed and purity of pedigree.

The first category expensive cat breeds include individuals with a good pedigree. Among these individuals are quite famous and popular cat breeds like Persian, Himalayan, Russian Blue and British Shorthair. “Normal” kittens of these breeds (without a pedigree) it is possible to buy almost nothing, but cotcot purebred parents already sell for an impressive 5-6 thousand dollars.

The second category of expensive cats are often referred rare in Russia and is therefore considered an “exotic” breed. This is such breeds as tailless Menksy, American Curls (with curled back ears), a huge Maine Coon (growing more than a meter in length), Scottish fold (with the unusual shape of the ears and squeaks instead of meowing). The cost of the kittens of these breeds even without a pedigree usually starts from $ 500, and the cost of alimony kittens can fly “up to heaven”. Continue reading

Tips for those who decided to have a pet

Pets in the house – always a joy, but to the entire family enjoyed his company and enjoyed the animal life in the family, you need to carefully examine their own desires, opportunities, and obvious facts. Read, analyze, and decide.

The choice of a pet

To choose a pet is not as easy as it seems. Small puppies and fluffy kittens are so cute that I want to immediately take them home. But you need to choose only one. Remember that a pet is not a toy, not a fashion accessory, but a real member of the family. Consider whether you have the time to care for a pet, educate him, to treat and to train. Dog or cat you buy will likely be with you for the next 15 or even 20 years.

Favourite pet

Ask pet owners why they chose this puppy and kitten. In most cases the answer will be the same: “he is so cute and funny!”. However, experts say that you should not base your choice solely on external data pet. Much more important to understand whether the animal your lifestyle. For example, you should not have a Labrador, if you lead a sedentary lifestyle and do not like to run and spend a lot of time on the street. If you have small children. try to understand whether the animal gets along with kids, how Spokoiny dog or cat character.

Read about the best breeds of cats and dogs for the whole family. Continue reading